Chihuahua Mixed With Wiener Dog

Looking for some dog breed that has a tiny and elongated body? I recommend a Chihuahua mixed with wiener dog.

Adopting a pet isn’t less than a one-time investment, and build-up confusion can cause you loss. That’s the reason, we are here to give you a complete guide on Chiweenie temperament, health, cost, and all details that you must know before adopting it.

Chiweenies are Low maintenance, long-lived, medium hair coat, low drooling, and less snoring crossbreed. Isn’t it all in one? Read on to know in detail.

Chihuahua mixed with Wiener Dog

Chiweenie is the crossbreed between Chihuahua and dachshunds dogs. This crossbreed has gained its popularity as a Mexican taco and german hot dog. These nicks must have given you an idea of their origin.

A crossbreed with unpredictable variety in generations. Why am I saying this? Because I have never seen any look-alike among them, and that’s what makes Chiweenie unique. 

Apart from being non-identical, their almond eyes and tiny feet will definitely appeal to you to join Chiweenie fandom. In addition to that, their small head with huge, curvy ears makes them quite an adorable pup look for a dog person.

This teacup breed int limited to appealing visuals. Want to know more? Stay connected.


Chiweenie, A perfect cuddly lap dog. 

What is Chiweenie’s underlying nature? Loving, caring, and socializing, if trained right.

It’s given that they inherit playful, energetic, and spunky nature from their parent breeds. This energetic personality requires medium-level activities to keep it busy and is quite an attention seeker.

Want me to tell you some common yet special characteristics of Chiweenie? Smart and loyal.

I think clever would be a better word. Either way, they are highly trainable.

 Furthermore, their loyalty and love towards the owner make it a perfect pet dog for a single person or aged person.

Who should not adopt a Chiweenie? 

A person with kids at the house because Chiweenies are sensitive to noise and have a fragile body that requires gentle care.

Full-grown Chiweenie

You must know, being a pet owner is similar to being a parent to them. A parent is always curious to know about their pet’s full-grown look. Let me help you visualize it.

Chihuahua and Wiener dogs both are small dogs, therefore Chiweenie size would be similar to it. The average height your Chiweenie will reach is 6-10 inches, however, for the accurate weight, we have to dig deeper.

The average weight your Chiweenie will gain depends on the Wiener dog parent.

Standard Wiener: It weighs around 16-32 pounds.

Mini Wiener: It weighs around 7-11 pounds.

To sums it up, if your Chiweenie is a Chihuahua mixed with a standard wiener dog, then it will weigh more than 14 pounds. On the other hand, if your Chiweenie is a Chihuahua mixed with a mini wiener dog, then it will be as light as 4 pounds.

Health Issues

Chiweenie, being a crossbreed is less likely to have health problems. It doesn’t mean they won’t get sick cause it depends on how you treat your pup. Right below, we have created a list of few common Chiweenie health issues.

Luxating Patella: a common health problem can be faced by small-sized dogs, where kneecap displaces from its position. Limping can be a symptom of it.

Diabetes: Inherited disease, symptoms are increasing or decreasing appetite, cataract blindness, increase in thirst, and urination.

Intra vertebral Degenerative Disc Disease: Disc between spine burst or bulge, causing your pup neck issues, anxiety, pain, and paralysis.

Allergic reactions: Skin allergies due to environmental factors(tree pollens, dust, mites, molds) and food allergies.

Hypothyroidism: Irregular functioning of the thyroid glands can cause excessive hair fall, dry scalp, low tolerance to heat and cold.

Dental Problems: It includes tooth loss at an early age, bleeding in gums, stinking breath, sneezing, and nasal discharges. 

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Chiweenie Lifespan

Looking for some long-lived dog breed? Chiweenie, it is!

The average life expectancy of Chiweenie is 15 to 18 years, although some owner’s Chiweenie pup had lived up to 20 years. Again, you can extend or reduce their life span on how you fulfill their requirements.

What are their basic requirements? Proper grooming, well-balanced nutritional diet, attention, and vaccinations.

Are you still scared about all the health issues mentioned above? No worries because all these issues are completely curable and can be avoided by regular visits to Veterinarians.

Are Chiweenies aggressive?

Here comes the troubling point for soon-to-be Chiweenie’s owners. The canine instinct of Chiweenie.

Yes, Chiweenies are aggressive dogs as they inherit it from their parent breed, Chihuahua.

They are aggressive toward strangers, children, and other pets. Already changing your mind? 

What if we take it in a positive light? They are aggressive towards strangers which makes them great watchdogs.

As long as their aggression toward pet dogs and children is concerned, you can train them. I am quite sure, their smart brain is going to be helpful in training, you just need to have patience.

Wondering, why If your Chiweenie aggressive despite being trained? It might be your pup trying to divert your attention toward injury. Try to understand their communicative method and pay attention to it.

How much is a Chiweenie dog worth?

Make up your mind to adopt a Chihuahua mixed with a Wiener dog? Worrying about Chiweenie’s cost? No need to cause the price of a Chiweenie dog is $250-$550. Quite pocket-friendly as compared to other crossbreeds.

Prior to buying, make sure to check the history of the parent breed. This check will avoid any upcoming health issues. You know it’s similar to an investment, so make sure to buy it from a reputable breeder, and don’t get conned for the sake of low charges than the mentioned above.


A Chihuahua mixed with Wiener dog is known to be a good pet dog. I mean, who won’t love loyal, spirited, traveling size, and social dog breed. 

Still, it’s a must to know whether it’s the right breed for you or not? Sometimes appealing looks and features might attract you, but if you cant maintain them properly it is up to no good. Similarly, it’s perfect for a single person and small-spaced household meanwhile, this breed is not for kids and multi-pet houses.

We tried to resolve all your basic queries in the blog, and surely, it will help you to reach a final decision. 

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