Crate Training a Pomeranian Puppy

You have brought in a crate for your pom but don’t know how to train your puppy to get used to his new home. Don’t worry; this article will guide you on all the important aspects of crate training a Pomeranian puppy.

A crate is a perfect tool for potty training a dog. These modern dens are beneficial for the pet owners as well because it saves any potential damage to the furniture and floorings. The experienced people know the importance of a dog crate very well, but the newbies might not know how to incorporate this valuable tool into your dog’s life. 

Keep your eyes glued and keep reading to get some valuable information about this topic.

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Can you crate train a Pomeranian?

Yes, you can crate train a Pomeranian puppy. Like any other dog, it is better to start training your dog when it is still a puppy. The smaller pom breed is known for its stubborn nature, so you should always set some guidelines for the dog to follow. 

The best part is once the pom starts getting used to the new environment, he will happily obey and please his owner. 

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Crate Training a Pomeranian Puppy

The first step is to buy a Crate or dog cage according to the size of your pup. Size matter a lot because the crate should be comfortable enough for the dog to sit, stand or lie down without any difficulty.

  1. Start giving meals to the dog in the crate so that he can link his home to the food.
  2. During the night, put the puppy in the crate and serve the pom with some treats. Lock the crate and observe his behavior for a while.
  3. If the dog remains quiet, it means that the dog has settled down, but if your pooch starts making noise, tell him to remain quiet.
  4. Repeat the procedure until the canine gets accustomed to the crate.
  5. Give the pup a toy when he/she is in the crate. 

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How long does it take to house train a Pomeranian puppy?

Few factors determine the time taken to housebreak a Pomeranian. One of these could be your consistency towards training the pom; you must completely follow all the housebreaking guidelines.

Housebreaking can also be done in a busy house where much of the day passes without any training, but the time taken will be longer than in a household where the owner stays home most of the time.  

On average, it will take 2 to 4 months to housebreak a Pomeranian fully.

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How long can you leave an 8-week old puppy in a crate?

An eight-week-old puppy is capable enough to be left in the carate. However, You should note the time for which you keep the canine in the crate. The maximum time you can keep a pom in the crate is 2 to 3 hours only. If this time limit exceeds, it can prove to be bad for your pooch and can also hurt him both mentally and physically.

As your puppy will get older, you can then surely increase the time for him to be in the crate.

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Are Pomeranians easy to potty train?

One of the great things about Pomeranians is that they are very easy to train. Either you give them potty training, sitting, or any other obedience training, they catch on to you quickly.

Potty train your pom by following the methods given below: 

Select a location for your pup to go poo/pee (anywhere in the yard). Whenever you take your pup out for potty, don’t forget to use the cue; you can choose any cue, for example: “potty” or “outside.” Grab your pup from the leash to let him know it’s time to move outside. Again, when he moves out, speak out the cue. Praise him when he follows your command.

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Do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Yes, Pomeranians like to cuddle due to several reasons. These fluffy friends sometimes need some love and affection from their owners. They do cuddle because they feel insecure or have a sign of loneliness.

Dogs like Pom cuddle for tenderness and want to create a good bond with their owner. They need little appreciation when fulfilling a task in the form of a cuddle or any reward. Apart from this, these cute dogs can read human emotions. They cannot bear if their companion is in pain (physical or emotional), so they cuddle to make their mood good.

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Can Pomeranians be left alone?

You might often wonder if you can or cannot leave Pomeranians alone because you didn’t know the answer to this little question.

No worries, we’ve got you the answer. Pomeranians can be left alone. However, it would help if you keep certain things (timings specifically) in mind before leaving your pom alone at home.

First things first, if your pom is an adult (1+ years old), he can be left alone comfortably for 6-8 hours. In case if your pom suffers from any anxiety disorders, he shouldn’t be left alone for more than 5 hours. 

You can leave an 8-10 week infant for 1 hour, a 2-3-month-old puppy for 2 hours, and a 6-2 month older puppy for 4 hours. These can be the optimal timings for a pom to be left alone.

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How to train a pomeranian puppy not to bark?

Pomeranians usually bark a lot, and this becomes a very irritating thing for their owners. Therefore, pet owners want to know some ways to make their puppies not bark a lot. Want to know those ways?

Well, below are some helpful ways that you can use to help your puppy not to bark excessively:

  • Try to find out the reason behind your puppy’s bark. It is the most useful way. When you know why your little canine is barking, you will cure that reason. And as a result, your puppy won’t bark.
  • Distraction is the second-best option. Find out some good distracting things, e.g., toys, or use the command they already know. Don’t forget that you are not stopping the dog’s bark completely but just reducing it to some extent. When they are distracted, they will forget to bark!
  • The final way is ignorance. The pom may be barking because he wants your attention. Just ignore him for as long as he does not stop his barking. Your attention can become the reason for him to bark more. So, the next time your dog barks,  let him do that.

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How to train a pomeranian puppy to sit?

Sitting is the most basic training of obedience an owner gives to his/her puppy. While it is basic, it is also very easy. So, don’t worry, you can easily teach your puppy to sit. Let’s see one of the ways:

Play with your pom with toys. While playing, take a pause and see if your pom sits and waits for the toy again because you are not making him participate in the play. When he sits, say the command “sit” immediately and give him a treat. Repeat this regularly.

Try to break your pom’s per day training of sitting into chunks because when you continue to train him for long hours, he can get tired and will not show much interest. And all your hard work will be wasted.

Telling your dog that he is doing it all correctly by saying “great job” or just “good” even if he doesn’t will help your dog be more active and motivated to learn new things, just like this one.

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Crate training a Pomeranian is considered important because a pet owner can not keep an eye on his dog all the time. So, even if you have to leave your pom alone, you will not be worried because he is safe and sound in his crate.

Anybody can crate train a Pom with the right set of guidelines.  It would be best to remain patient while crate training a pomeranian and refrain from using any harsh methods because it can psychologically disturb your dog.

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