Do Pomeranians Need To Be Groomed?

Do Pomeranians need to be trimmed? Do Pomeranians need to be groomed? Are Pomeranians high maintenance when it comes to grooming? How to groom Pomeranian? These queries are quite common, with Pomeranian’s owners.

If you are a new owner of Pomeranian and clueless about their grooming? Or If you can’t afford Pomeranian grooming cost? Whatever the case is, we got all this covered.

Take your Pomeranian grooming kit out and note down all tips and guidelines related to Pomeranian grooming.

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Do Pomeranians need to be groomed?

Clearly, Yes! Every dog needs to be groomed regardless of its breed. Having said that, isn’t it obvious that your Pomeranian needs to be groomed? 

Why grooming is essential? Because that’s the basic need of your pet dog. How is it their basic necessity? Grooming is part of your Pomeranian maintenance i.e. for better health, for maintaining their hair coat’s fluff and shines, and for the removal of dead skin.

If your Pomeranian doesn’t groom at the right time and regularly, then all the benefits will turn up negatively and you might not have your pup the same as before. It can affect your Pom’s activity levels, health issues, and your Pom’s adorable visuals, which makes everyone fall in love with them. 

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How do you groom a Pomeranian?

Before going deep into how do you groom your Pomeranian, you need to be aware of all the basics. Grooming isn’t limited to Pomeranian’s hairstyles. It’s much more than that.

Grooming of your Pomeranian includes tooth care, ear cleaning, tearstain removal, paw care, nose care, ear cleaning, bathing, haircoat brushing, and hair trimming. Let us get started from the easy and basic daily care grooming.

Tooth Care

 Brushing Teeth is best to avoid your Pomeranian getting plaque or any dental issues.

Eye Care

 Your Pom can have tear stains. Want to remove it? Damp a cloth with tear stain removal solution and wipe area near eyes.

Ear Cleansing

 Cleaning your Pom ear daily, is not necessary. It depends on how frequently ear wax accumulates and stinks. How to clean them? It’s easy, just fill the ear canal with an ear cleaning solution and rub the base area.

Nail Trimming

Your energetic Pom can break outgrow nails while playing. To avoid that, clip your Pom nails every 2 to 3 weeks.

Nose and Paws Care

The nose and Paws of your Pomeranian can become dry and cracked. What can you do to prevent them? Just apply the balm in the nose and wax on the paws twice a week.

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How often should I brush my Pomeranian puppy?

Having a Pomeranian pet and not being in love with their haircoat is impossible. You must cherish them at all cost.

The first step, brush your Pomeranian puppy fluffy hair daily. Brush your puppy hair with the help of a specialized detangling comb. Combing Pomeranian hair doesn’t have a set of rules, just comb them in the direction of hair growth.

If brushing isn’t done daily, it can lead to tangled hair. Tangled hair can cause matting and infections.

Thinking, What’s the next step? For that, prepare a proper location and continue your read.

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How often should I bathe my Pomeranian puppy? 

Bathing your Pomeranian isn’t a problem as it’s not that frequent. Every 3 to 4 weeks are more than enough. 

How to bathe a Pomeranian puppy? The real fun lies here. Prior to the method, you must be aware that you cant give a bath to your pup till it’s 8 weeks old. 

Bathing your pup is not less than an exercise, that’s why I would recommend giving a bath at the sink. Use a mix of shampoo and water which contains ⅛ part of shampoo. Lather your pet hairs with shampoo and rinse them with lukewarm water. Air-dry it till it is 10 weeks old.

Here’s a tip for the post-bath method, do apply the balm in the nose and the wax on your Pom paws. It will avoid getting them dry and cracked.

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Should Pomeranian cut hair?

Obviously, your Pomeranian will need a haircut. Outgrow hair can cause a lot of hair shedding and infections build-up on their scalp. You surely do not want it to happen. 

Which haircut should you opt for? Right below, we have a few famous haircuts along with their benefits.

Lion Cut 

Doesn’t get tangled, and is high maintenance.

Traditional Cut 

The simplest haircut, which needs daily brushing

Puppy Cut 

The same amount of hair all over the body and is low maintenance.

Show Cut 

Expensive and grand, although being high maintenance is given

Teddybear Cut 

Cute, teddy look with a round head, although it needs brushing daily.

When and how? No worries, we got this all covered.

 If you own a puppy six months old, so it’s the time for your Pomeranian first haircut age.

 If your pet is more than six months, then you must know your Pom’s look and grooming styles. Cause every hair cut has its own grooming period. 

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Should I cut my Pomeranian hair in the summer?

Pomeranians have double fur coats, consisting of inner-dense hair and outer-long hair. When it comes to getting your Pom haircut, you might have to consider few factors; season, Pomeranian grooming style, and your Pomeranian nature.

Seasons and Pomeranian grooming styles are linked together as Pomeranians shed a lot in spring and summer meanwhile, they are low shedding dog breed in the rest of the seasons.

Similarly, if your Pomeranian hair cut includes hair thinning, then getting your Pom hair cut in summer isn’t a good idea.

I repeat, I said hair thinning cut is not a good idea however you can get a cut with a fuller look. Likewise, shaving is not an option cause Pomeranian’s inner coat protects them from UV rays.

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Pomeranian’s small posture and being fur ball make them look easy, however, that’s not the case with grooming. They need care, and grooming is the major aspect of it.

If you have read out the article “Do Pomeranian needs to be groomed” then you must know how detailed Pomeranian grooming is. Just follow our guidelines and if you observe any rash or infection, get them a checkup with a veterinarian.

Grooming your Pom may look handful at first, but with time you will master it. It will not take that much time, and your Pomeranian will be as attractive and playful as he is. It all depends on you as its owner so, do your job right and follow our guidelines.

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