Does Pomeranian Bark a lot?

Are you tired from your Pomeranian non-stop barking? Or are you wondering why your Pomeranian bark so much? 

Pomeranians are little, cute, and dainty dogs however they have quite an unstable temperament. This temperament answers your question “Does Pomeranian bark a lot?”. Yes, all thanks to this little furry pup’s inherited nature.

Even if you are thinking of adopting a Pomeranian, we are here to discuss some factors that you might have to consider. 

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Does Pomeranian bark a lot?

Pom aka Pomeranian surely does bark a lot. Being an owner of a Pomeranian isn’t an easy task. If you are an owner of Pomeranian you must have seen them barking in every expected situation, even in unexpected situations too.

Let me paint these situations for wannabe Pomeranian owners.

You are on a walk with your pomeranian, they bark. Doorbell ring, Pomeranians bark. Guests come into your house, they bark. They see some strangers, Pomeranian barks. You are giving food, your pomeranian bark. No one in the house, Pomeranian barks. Toys passing near them, they bark at the toys too and even at everything either they are living or non-living things.

Does Pomeranian bark a lot” Is this question still existing in your mind? I don’t think so…

That’s not all! There’s much more to it so continue your read.

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Why do Pomeranians bark so much?

Are you rethinking your decision already? Aren’t they using their way to communicate? Maybe your pomeranian has their reason.

Pomeranians are the smallest dogs of spitz breeds however they don’t realize it. Under their tiny stature, the personality of large alarm dogs resides. Their barking toward strangers and at the doorbell is an alarm for its owner.

Your Pomeranian barking in unexpected situations can be indications of stress, excitement, crave attention, or their way of trying to let you know that they need food or any other requirement. 

Yes, Pomeranians bark a lot but before ignoring them, you should observe their actions. There can be some messages they want to convey.

 In either case, if you have a heart patient at home, then it might not be the right pet for you.

Where Do Pomeranian Dogs Come From?

Do Pomeranians bite?

Biting for pomeranian puppies is quite normal especially if they are in their teeth growing stage. When Pomeranians are 4 to 9 months old, their milk teeth are growing. During this stage, they bite quite often to relieve the discomfort of teething.

To stop this biting habit, you can train them. You can use the deterrence method, safe play method, and time out method for your pomeranian training.

Deterrence Method: when they bite, tell them NO or spray water that will connect biting as a negative action.

Safe Play Method: When they don’t bite, reward them.

Time out Method: Playing without getting worked up can be done by taking small breaks while playing.

If your pomeranian has passed the teething age and is still biting. Then, either they are sick or it is due to lack of training.

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Why do Pomeranians lick so much?

How do dogs show affection? How to tell that your pomeranian likes you? Your Pomeranian will lick you.

All dogs licks however sometimes pomeranian licks way too much. They make their owner think, What’s the reason behind excessive licking?

Apart from communicating love, they lick due to your unintentional training that licking is a good habit or they like your lotion taste or they want attention.

You can train them to reduce licking you. What significant is, if they are licking themselves excessively then they might be having allergic reactions. It’s better to give them a regular bath and a checkup through a veterinarian. 

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Do Pomeranians shed a lot?

Don’t you love their double coat of hairs and the fluffy touch? Having a double coat makes them the hairiest dog breed thus it’s given that they will shed.

Now the real question is do they shed a lot? Nope!

Their shedding is moderate unless it’s spring or fall. Your pomeranian might shed a lot in these seasons. Why do they undergo seasonal shedding? That’s because they are preparing their double coat for winter and summer.

You can avoid shedding by grooming them on time and brushing their hair daily.

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Pomeranian barks when I leave | What to do?

Your pomeranian can be well trained and still bark when you leave. Researchers recommend dogs tend to have separation anxiety. This defines your pomeranian barking too.

How to control Pomeranian Barking when left alone?

You can give them plenty of exercises to make them tired so they will wait in rest mode.

You can leave toys for them so they will not bark out of boredom.

Many people use bark collars however I don’t support it as it’s cruel for your lovely pup. Instead, you can use citronella collars and it is way more humane to them.

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Do Pomeranians bark at night?

Pomeranians are known for being vocal dogs, and it’s nothing new that they bark at night too. Their barking at night can be due to boredom or they want your attention.

What can you do to control Pomeranian barking at night? You can Take your Pomeranian to the bathroom just before bedtime. When they start barking, ignore them, even the “shush” expression is considered attention in the Pomeranian mind. You can take them on a walk before bedtime so they get tired and instead of yapping, they will rest.

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Pomeranians are surely bright, affectionate dogs but they have an independent mind of their own. In my thoughts, Pomeranian barking and licking is not their fault. All they want is to be protective and lovely for their owners.

These might seem huge issues to you, however, if you train them right, they can be controlled.

Still, I have tried to convey every aspect related to “does Pomeranian bark a lot”. These aspects will help you to make a better judgment on whether you can handle them or not. 

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