Which are the dumbest dog breeds?

Which are the dumbest dog breeds? Dog intelligence, like human intellect, can be measured in a variety of ways. 

There are three types of dog intelligence, according to Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs.

  • instinctive intelligence
  • adaptive intelligence
  • working and obedience intelligence.

In simpler terms, a dog’s intelligence is measured by the average number of repetitions it takes for a given breed to learn new commands.

Putting a set of tasks in front of a dog to complete is the closest thing we have to an IQ test. 

As a result, our list will include breeds that are difficult to train, having memory or attention challenges. 

And stubborn or independent, rather than dumb dogs in the traditional sense of the word.

Keep reading this article to know everything about the dumbest dog breeds.

Which are the dumbest dog breeds?

Before we begin, let’s clarify one point. The term dumbest dog breeds are highly subjective and do not embrace all dog breeds. 

While each of these dogs made the list for different reasons, some of them are considered intelligent in various ways.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the 5 dumbest dog breeds and the reasons for their inclusion.

Five dumbest dog breeds list

1)Afghan hound

The long, silky coats of these dogs are their most distinguishing feature. 

Underneath those locks, though, is frequently a more sophisticated canine. 

Afghans need a lot of exercise, according to the American Kennel Club, and they need a lot of fenced-in running space.

These dogs are also known as the dumbest dog breed ever.

While Afghan hounds are excellent hunting companions, they may be a little naughty at times. 

And training them can be challenging due to their sensitive yet independent temperament.

This dog isn’t very conscious of his surroundings.

2)Basset hound

The basset hound’s inclusion on our list may be the most contentious, but he’s there for a reason. 

If you Google “dumbest dog breeds,” you’ll find the basset hound on nearly every list.

The dog’s drive to sniff things and hunt for them is so intense that he becomes lost in the present and forgets what’s going on around him.

Many pet owners are curious as to what is going on in the minds of their dogs. 

When they walk off in this manner.

Their floppy ears, though, make them completely attractive.

In his desire for anything else, this dog sometimes disregards his better judgment.


Beagles are a breed of dog that is friendly, joyful, and just adorable. 

While their adorable tiny faces will entice you, it is their working breed mindset that has earned them a reputation as a smart breed.

Because beagles prefer to hunt in packs, they aren’t natural leaders. 

Furthermore, according to the AKC, their liking to continually follow their nose can lead to sticky situations, putting them on our list.

This dog appears to be more feline than canine.


Any cat enthusiast who wishes to add a canine to their feline collection should consider the borzoi. 

Borzoi are, in essence, the most cat-like dogs.

They are obsessive about cleanliness and demand that their masters demonstrate their leadership before they will exhibit their allegiance. 

The borzoi is a noble breed that is majestic and elegant, yet it is also independent and difficult to teach.

This dog isn’t particularly clever, but he’s affectionate.

5)Bull Dog

The bulldog is certainly charming, and its funny demeanor gives them a slightly dopey yet caring demeanor. 

They’ll never ask for exercise and prefer to sit in your lap over anywhere else in the house.

They react well to instruction since they are eager to please their companions, so that’s a positive. 

Bulldogs are affectionate even if they aren’t particularly bright.

The dog is best described as clownish and playful.

This was the dumbest dog breed list. I hope you can learn a lot from it.

Why your dog is dumb?

Your dog may be stupid because it is a low-intelligence breed it did not socialize as a puppy.

You haven’t trained it or have trained it wrong, or you have been negatively reinforcing the behavior.

When trying to figure out why your dog is stupid, there are a few things to consider.

It will be easier to get it to be smarter after you have a thorough understanding of why this is the case.

Each of the several explanations for your dog’s stupidity will most likely be accompanied by several clues.

I’ll go over a few reasons why this could be the case, as well as what would make it more likely.

As a puppy, it wasn’t very social.

It’s possible that your dog did not learn how to interact with people and other dogs since it was not socialized as a puppy. 

In this situation, extensive training and allowing it to socialize as much as possible would be beneficial.

More exercise is required.

Dogs require a lot of exercise on a daily basis. 

If your dog isn’t getting the proper amount of food for its breed, it would be beneficial to ensure that it does. 

It’s possible that a lack of activity is causing it to become hyperactive and unable to maintain its attention on you.

Which dog has the highest IQ?

Retrievers are known as one of the best dogs for the human company due to their general intelligence and breed intelligence. 

They are both willing to please and quick-witted. As service dogs, they are quick to pick up new tasks and have a good vocabulary. 

Furthermore, they are alert and may pick up on a few hints and distress signs.

Their name derives from their hunting skills in terms of breed intelligence. 

They can track and retrieve prey in open areas without yielding their natural inclination to shred or consume the game.

Finally, kids can learn quickly with up to 10 repetitions when it comes to training. 

They adapt effectively in households with small or large families with minimum training. 

They are ideal family dogs because they are good with children.

Which dog is the toughest to train?

The Basenji is a small African dog that hunts by scent as well as sight. 

It’s a part of the Hound family and is bright, smart, and poised, according to Burch. 

But be mindful that these pups lose interest in things quickly, making them difficult to train.

Basenjis, like Afghan hounds, are independent and aloof, according to the AKC. 

They’ve been dubbed a “cult breed” since there aren’t many of them, at least in the United States.

Because these meticulous dogs, like felines, like to clean themselves all over, they’re often referred to as “catlike.”

They can be aloof and should be allowed to initiate contact with people or other animals. 

So don’t expect them to make friends right away in new situations. 

One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is allowing their puppies to approach each other too quickly.

What is the easiest trained dog?

Border Collies were bred to be bright and lively, and their name comes from the Scottish term collie.

That means “sheepdog,” as well as the border region of Scotland, where the breed originated.

When it comes to herding, these agile, intelligent canines are practically athletes. 

Onlookers at one of the first sheepdog trials, conducted in Wales in 1873, were astounded by the puppies’ ability to obey hand signals and whistles to herd sheep into pens, according to the AKC.

Training your dog, regardless of breed, takes time, consistency, and patience (along with plenty of rewards!).

Is It Possible to Improve Your Dog’s Intelligence?

So, if your four-legged infant isn’t the smartest tool in the shed, what should you do? 

Is there a method to help your derp become a problem-solver?

If your dog isn’t as stubborn as mine and could use some practice, there are several things you can do to encourage them to use their brains more.

Introduce them to mentally stimulating games for dogs, such as interactive toys or puzzles.

Treats can be used to encourage them to learn new skills and orders. Nothing works better than a monetary incentive!

Playtime can be a mentally stimulating experience. 

Experiment with obstacles that will be enjoyable for them to play with while also improving their problem-solving abilities!

Remember that in 99.9% of cases, it’s all about how much time you spend with your dog and how you socialize them.

Dogs who teach themselves tricks and jump into burning buildings to save babies aren’t something you see every day. 

Improving a dog’s intelligence, like anything else with our dogs, takes time and effort.


It’s not fair to characterize any dog, regardless of breed, as dumb. 

Yes, some dogs are smarter than others, but most dogs excel at something; the trick is figuring out what it is.

Some dogs are better at some things than others, and they have distinct behaviors, explains Dr. Dodman. 

The German Shepherd Dog and Malinois breeds are popular among police and army canines because they are easy to train. 

Does this imply that they are intelligent?

Or does it imply that they aren’t very bright since they always follow other people’s instructions and don’t think for themselves? 

You can make a case for either side.
I hope after reading this article, you’ll know everything about the dumbest dog breeds.

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