How to House Train a Chihuahua?

Being one of the most miniature breeds of dogs, Chihuahua is the cutest and most adorable pup filled with energy. This tiny creature is pet-friendly and has a high affection level.

Regardless of having a fragile and petite appearance, Chihuahuas are very bold and daring. It is a dog with all good qualities but are you thinking about how to house train a chihuahua?

Don’t worry! Even if you have heard house training a chihuahua is tricky; you will be able to do it if you remain passionate and consistent. This article contains all the necessary details required to help you do it quickly and effectively. Read along!

Are Chihuahuas Easy to Train?

Some dog breeds are bright, but chihuahuas are the brightest and easy to train dogs. Most of such dogs need just a little obedience training. They will only be required to learn some essential words like Yes, No, Okay, Come, and Wait. However, some chihuahuas are different from chihuahuas in terms of training. 

While some chihuahuas are easy to train, but others are not really. They can be a bit stubborn while teaching them.  

Along with the few basic words that I already mentioned, housebreaking your chihuahua is also very important. They need to retain and should be knowing where to go to the bathroom and where not to.

It often tends to be the most demanding and biggest training challenge you may find in a dog like this. By the way, housetraining your chihuahua is discussed more in detail in the article below; keep reading!

How to house train a chihuahua?

As stated earlier, chihuahuas may be easy to train overall, but house training, in particular, can be very annoying! If you are an experienced chihuahua owner, you know it is correct. Nevertheless, if you follow the proper procedures, it won’t be hard to house train a chihuahua. They have the capability of learning all this efficiently and quickly. 

Chihuahuas stubborn streaks might cause some hardships for you in the way, but you need to be determined, and it will be all done in 3 to 4 weeks. 

The primary component towards success is using soft and gentle words when teaching your pooch where he is supposed to use the bathroom. Consistency is also the key to success in making your dog a well-house-trained dog!

How to Potty Train an Older Chihuahua?

Potty training an adult chihuahua? Don’t worry; it won’t be problematic because it is never too late for a chihuahua to be potty trained. Let’s now grab an eye or two on the ways of potty training your grown-up canine:

Firstly, set in your mind where you want your chihuahua to eliminate. It could be in a crate, on a potty pad, or maybe outside.

Confine the sleeping area of the older chihuahua as a dog is wise enough to not eliminate in a place where he or she is sleeping.

Take him to that exact designated place you selected for him to poo/pee in the morning, after the chihuahua wakes up, and in the night before he goes to bed.

To let your dog know that you want him to eliminate, always use the exact keywords such as “go to potty” or “poo time” or other similar phrases.

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Potty Training Chihuahua in Winter

Winter and rain are seasons that chihuahuas most dislike. And if your dog has the habit of eliminating outside, it will be a problem for you because, in such seasons, it can be hard to take him out to eliminate.

You would likely have to change his habit from eliminating out to eliminating on a potty pad or in the crate as it would be handier for your pup to eliminate rather than going out.

However, if you want to take him out and not want to ruin his habit of eliminating outside, you should make sure that you are layering him with many clothes. F

or more convenience, create a noticeable and clear spot right at the back of the door, so your dog doesn’t have to go far in that harsh weather. It would also make it easier for him to find his spot if that is his regular eliminating spot.

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Chihuahua Potty Training Litter Box

Choose a command that you will use for him to poo/pee. Establish a feeding schedule so that you could determine when the chihuahua needs to relieve. When you see the dog needs to eliminate, use command and take him to his usual spot to poo/pee.

After the order has been well established in the dog, transfer him to the litter box than the normal eliminating spot by saying the same command.

How to Train a Chihuahua, not to Bark?

Tiny Chihuahuas are energy dogs. They don’t have much activity to do in their whole day, but they need to release this energy out in anyways. So, that way is barking!

Chihuahua may be one of the cutest dogs, but their excessive high-pitched monotone bark is much annoying and irritating thing for all of their owners. To stop him from not barking, you will need to remember that you can not completely cut off his barking as it is his one way of expressing his feelings.

The main thing you can follow up to stop the excessive bark of chihuahua is to find what makes him bark, what’s the reason behind it. It will let you know the steps to take forward.

Or, you can put before him some treats. As soon as he sees them, he would start sniffing and licking them. It will instantly stop the bark. Using commands like “quite” consistently to let him know, he has to be quiet. And if he does, don’t forget to reward him.

How to Train a Chihuahua, not to Bite?

Chihuahuas biting hurts? Let’s stop it together!

If your chihuahua bites you, produce a high-pitched squealing sound or firmly say “no” or “stop.” You should keep your fingers away from the chihuahua’s mouth to abstain from biting.

If he bits you, don’t respond and turn away from him. It will let him know that you didn’t like this behavior, and as a result, he won’t try to repeat it.

How to Train a Chihuahua?

Training any pet is essential. So is for Chihuahuas. You need to make him a well-organized and obedient dog. The widespread way to train a dog is by using commands.

Use different orders for different pieces of training. Use them over and over, so the chihuahua retains them.

Setting boundaries, being friendly, socializing him, and appreciating him are also important parts of training a chihuahua.

How to Train a Chihuahua to Sit?

Sitting is one of the basic obedience training which your dog must be aware of. So, here is an easy and effective way to make your chihuahua sit.

Show chihuahua what the sitting position is by sitting in front of him. After this, gently pet him and bring one of your hands towards its tail and your other hand towards his chest and press the chest softly to make him sit. As soon as he sits, say the command “sit.” Appreciate him for sitting even if it was done with your help. 

Forget not to make him practice this, again and again, to get a grip over.

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It might be hard to know how to house train a chihuahua completely, but some of the most effective ways of doing so have been discussed in the article. They will indeed work up to some extent in making your dog obedient and well house trained.

Your patience and consistency are also crucial in the journey of house training your dog. So, be calm, patient, and determined, and you will be halfway done!

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