Jack Russell Cross Chihuahua Health Problems

Want to know about Jack Russell Cross Chihuahua Health Problems? What illness your JackChi is usually prone to? Or Are you curious why your Jack chi shakes a lot? I got answers to all your questions.

JackChis are known for being athletic and tireless. Do you know that this property has links to your JackChi’s shaking? How? For that, you need to scroll.

Furthermore, they are less likely to get sick. Still, it’s better to look at possibilities before adopting them. What are you waiting for? Give our blog a thorough read and get to know about all of this. 

Jack Russell Cross Chihuahua Health Problems 

JackChi or Jackhuahua, whatever you prefer. It’s a crossbreed between Jack Russell and Chihuahua dog. Do you know what crossbreed dogs are good at? Minimum health problems! 

The way Jack Russell mix with Chihuahua inherits the best of their parent’s personality trait. Similarly, there are few chances that they may inherit genetic diseases too.

On the other side, JackChi is a tiny dog breed. Thinking?, How being a small dog breed connected to health problems? Small stature means a fragile body.

The fragile body needs extra care. For this reason, some of the Jack Russell cross Chihuahua health problems arise.  

In short, lack of care towards their body can make you Jackhuahua ill. What other factors can cause JackChi health problems? Unbalanced diet, and not having proper regular grooming sessions.

Let’s have a look at the health problems caused by the mentioned reasons above.

Patellar Luxation

Most common health issue in small dog breeds. Displacement of the joint between knee cap and femur. It can happen in your dog’s one or both hind limbs. Its symptoms are limping or difficulty in walking or jumping. Y

ou can prevent it by carefully picking them up through the middle part of the body instead of limbs.


A nutritional disorder. If the blood sugar level of your pup drop, it can cause dizziness, trembling, weakness, seizures, skin and gums discoloration. You can avoid it by giving food at equal intervals of time.

That way your JackChi blood sugar level will not drop while exercising or playing.

Skin Infections

JackChis aren’t hypoallergenic pets. Yes, your Jackchi has small length hair coat but that doesn’t make their skin non-sensitive. Your buddy is allergic to soy and other environmental factors.

Moreover, your dog can be allergic to insects and insect bites too. How to avoid it? Keep its surroundings clean and pay attention to its skin while brushing hair.

Tracheal Collapse

A condition where tracheal rings lose their strength and collapse. This may cause your pup difficulty in breathing and a honking cough. 

Got no symptoms? Don’t be overconfident you still need to take precautions. 

Even if your JackChi is suffering from any of these, don’t dwell on it. Take him to the vet as all these health problems are curable.

What is the life expectancy of a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix? 

A crossbreed of small dogs breeds parents. A long life expectancy is given.

Your Jack Russell Chihuahua mix has a lifespan of 15 to 18 years. If converted in human years, it would be somewhere 74 to 85. Pretty good as compared to large-sized dog breeds.

The life expectancy of each Jack Russell Chihuahua mix won’t be the same. You can shorten it or expand it. How? It depends on, how you take care of your JackChi.

Want to increase your JackChi lifespan? You can find it right below.

How to make your Jack Russell Chihuahua mix live longer?

Don’t know how to give your JackChi the best treatment? How to provide your JackChi proper care? I got you! I will elaborate you how can you fulfill their basic yet important requirements.

Learn and fulfill them on time, it’s all you need to do. Let us get started.

Nutritious diet: A major aspect that directly affects every living being’s lifespan. A nutritious diet for a JackChi is equal to 40 calories of every pound your pet weighs. In addition to that, feeding them a meal at equal intervals.

Vaccine and Supplementations: Vaccines act as a shield to save your bud from getting sick.Supplements to the rescue! When food isn’t enough to fulfill your pet’s vitamin and minerals deficiency.

Exercise: Having an energetic breed and no proper exercise schedule can be a nightmare. JackChi is one of the most playful breeds that requires 30 min to 1-hour long exercise daily. Exercise stimulates your pet’s metabolism and reduces the chances of obesity.

Grooming: Grooming isn’t limited to a haircut, hair brushing, and bathing your JackChi. It includes nail trimming, ear care, eye stain removal, nose care, cleaning teeth, and paw care too. All these treatments on due time.

Veterinarian Checkup: Few diseases are hard to observe by normal pet owners. Here comes the obligation of regular vet checkup, he will not only detect Jack Russell Cross Chihuahua Health Problem’s symptoms but treat them before illness get serious.

Are Jack Chis aggressive? 

Fortunately, No! JackChis are not aggressive. JackChis has been known for being friendly and affectionate dogs. If your JackChi aggression is coming out, then either he is not trained well, or he must have a solid reason.

Most of the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix puppies tend to show aggression because of fear of strangers or other animals. If you have a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix puppy who behaves similarly then he lacks training.

You can train it by giving enough socializing situations with pets, and peoples at a young age.

Aggression includes Jack Chi’s barking and biting too. You can apply;

Reward Method: If you find your pet bark unnecessarily, ignore it. When he stops barking, don’t forget to reward him.

Deterrence Method: when your JackChi bite tells him common like no and stop. When it follows your command, give him a treat.

JackChi and its parent breed are known as loyal pets. If your bud is well trained and still, barks so do pay attention to reasons. He may be trying to let you know about an alarming situation, health issues, hunger, thirst, or any other important message.

What illnesses Chihuahuas and Jack Russells are prone to? 

Studying a crossbreed’s issues while ignoring its parent breed’s health issue isn’t possible. JackChi is surely healthier than its parent breed, but we must look at all possibilities.

Heart Problem: Chihuahua usually dies from it. Weakening of heart valves and low oxygen levels in blood cause heart failure.

Trauma: Trauma isn’t limited to any breed. Being traumatized by height, accident or any shocking event can cause mental and physical problems.

Hydrocephalus: A common disorder found in both Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier.

It’s a condition in which water accumulates in your pup’s brain and pressurizes the brain. Its symptoms are disorientation and loss of balance.

The health problems above were fatal for their parents, however, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Just follow our guide and leave the rest to the vet.

How do you know if your Jack Russell Chihuahua mix loves you? 

Are you worried that you lack the connection between your JackChi and you? Or Are you confused? Either way, I am going to resolve both queries.

First of all, let me tell you signs which prove that your Jackhuhua loves you. Apart from licking and cuddling your pet may use these methods to express its love. 

Following you around, greeting you when you come home, and being overprotective of you are telltale signs. Moreover, he loves to make eye contact, snuggle your stuff and do activities that require your attention.

Even if you observe none of these signs, don’t worry. JackChi is quite an affectionate dog breed, and creating a bond isn’t tough for the owner.

You just need to spend 30 mins daily doing any activity. Activities can be going on walks, watching TV, playing with toys together, or anything which your pet love to do.

The most important part, Enjoy their company sincerely cause they can sense it.

Why Jack Russells shake a lot? 

An action inherited from its parent Jack Russell Terrier. Clearly, JackChi shakes a lot, similar to other hyperactive dog breeds.

The most common cause behind your dog shaking is the ejection of excessive energy. This scenario happens, when it isn’t able to burn all its energy by exercise or playing. 

We are done with the common cause, so let’s have a look at other possible reasons. 

Pain: Your JackChi may look small, but he is quite a tough breed. Till its endurable, they hide their pain. If it goes past their endurance level, they may start shaking or trembling.

Old age: Your JackChi grows old at the age of 16 years old. Shaking can be due to aging impact and nothing serious.

Wobbler Syndrome: A condition of the compressed cervical spine. Its symptoms include shaking.

Myokymia: Insomnia, anxiety, dehydration, and fatigued may cause spontaneous involuntary muscle spasms. It acts on one muscle at a time that makes it easy to observe.

Keep in mind these Jack Russell cross Chihuahua health problems are less likely to happen. Prior to getting all tensed up, leave the diagnosis to the Veterinarian.

Jack Russel Chihuahua mix Puppy 

If your JackChi age is less than a year, then it can be classified as a Jack Russell chihuahua mix puppy. An age at which it’s best to adopt as training a puppy is a lot easier than adult JackChi.

Similarly, chances of getting sick are usually high when your Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is full-grown. Having said that doesn’t mean they can’t get sick. Still, you need to take precautions for the following diseases.

Vomiting: I know vomiting isn’t unusual for a puppy, however vomiting more than five times is. Report to the vet if you observe blood in vomit or abdominal pain too.

Diarrhea: Diarrhea can be due to spoiled food, parasite, bacteria, or viruses. It gets serious if your pup’s stool is watery for more than 24 hours or has blood. 

Abnormal Urination: If you observe your pup has difficulty while urinating, this can be because of a urinary tract infection.

Constipation: Constipation is a normal problem, although you need to visit the vet if it continues for 2-3 days. It can be caused by food, infection, bacteria, etc so the vet can diagnose it better.

These diseases are common yet can cause major nutritional deficiencies in your pup. Keep observing your pup’s appetite, urine, stools, and body parts. In case you notice any unusual changes, report them to the vet.


JackChi is one of the long-living breeds only if its owner maintains all its characteristics. What can you do? Read our blog and takes notes of Jack Russell cross Chihuahua health problems. We have some precautions which can give you success to avoid them.

Furthermore, JackChi makes great pets for a multi-pet house and a house with older kids. Especially JackChi and cats get along really well. These all require proper training and attention so, do provide it.

If you are fulfilling all mentioned requirements in our blog and following precautions, I am sure your JackChi will remain the same way. Lovely, energetic, and attractive.

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