Pomeranian Mix With Chihuahua Puppies | Habits – Temperament and Many More

The Pomchi is a mixed-breed dog that is a hybrid between a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix These tiny pups were playful, dedicated, and enthusiastic, inheriting some of the best traits from both of their parents.

Pomchis are also known as the Pomahuahua, Chimeranian, Chi-Pom, and Pom-Chi. These mixed breed dogs can be found in shelters and rescues, despite their unfortunate reputation as a designer breed.

These cute puppies make perfect apartment dogs for active city dwellers, as well as small and single-person households. The Pomchi might be the right dog for you if you’re looking for a tiny, attention-loving dog with a lot of personalities!

Both Pomeranian Mix with Chihuahua and information about Pomchis can be found below!

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

These adorable cute puppies are full of joy and will give you their full attention and affection.

The Pomchi may be feminine in size, but their personalities are anything but. Pomchi owners say that their puppies are energetic and spunky and that they love being the focus of attention.

These dogs may be high-energy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love a good cuddle session with their favorite human.

Some of the characteristics of Pomeranian Mix with Chihuahua puppies are:

  • The Pomchi is a dog that is a combination of breeds. Like their Chihuahua and Pomeranian ancestors, they are not purebreds.
  • Sable and brown are the most common colors for Pomchis, but they may also be blue and tan black and tan, or cream. Their coats are often solid colors, and other times they are a combination of colors.
  • Pomchis have longer coats, which can be problematic for allergy sufferers. Their double coats need to be groomed daily. Brush them once a week at the very least.
  • The Pomchi tends to choose a favorite member of the family, however, they can get along with other members of the family.
  • Pomchis tend to be yappy. They make excellent watchdogs, but early training is necessary to avoid unwanted barking.

How big will a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix get?

By the time they are 12 months old, pomeranians’ development has normally slowed or stopped. The majority of Pomeranian development occurs between the ages of two and twelve months.

Some Poms continue to develop until they are 14 to 15 months old, but this is more in terms of their chest size.

Many elements tell How big will a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix get? 

Poms are one of the cutest dogs on the planet for a variety of reasons, and size plays an important role in their cuteness. They’re little puffed energy balls. A Pomeranian is normally fully grown at 12 months.

When they are born, the majority of Pomeranians are so tiny that you could easily keep one in your hand. They’ll be a few ounces at birth. It’s teeny-tiny, but it won’t last long at that size.

Poms double in size in just a few days during this period, and this fast growth continues until they are 8 weeks old. As Pom puppies, they enter a new stage of development at this point.

How much is a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix?

A Pomchi puppy will cost anywhere from $150 to $950 in general. A Pomchi puppy costs on average $500, but well-bred puppies will cost anywhere from $1,400 to $5,500.

Adopting pets from shelters, on the other hand, is another way to acquire a hybrid.

This will not only give a dog a second chance, but it will also save money because saving a dog from a shelter usually requires vaccines, microchipping, and spaying or neutering.

That answers the most asked question about How much is a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix?

What does a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix look like?

Pet owners are very excited about What does a Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix look like?. Below we’ve shared a lot about their physical appearance.

Their ears are usually perked and pointed, and their tails are fluffy.

The majority of them have long fur on their bodies, with shorter hair on their heads.

Their coat may be short, long, or even a double coat, depending on their parents’ preferences. The majority of them have fluffy coats, but those with more chihuahua genetics might have stiffer coats.

Chihuahua Pomeranian mixes maybe just one color or a variety of colors.

White, black, tan, blue, brown, and cream are all possibilities. The least common coat color is black, while the most common is brown.

You may see white tick marks on their coat, but this isn’t normal.

They may have a different or lighter color on their snout or chest if they are a combination of colors.

Depending on which genetics are passed down from the parents, they may be short and rigid or long and fuzzy.

They would have long, fuzzy hair and a fluffy tail if they get more genetics from the Pomeranian half of the mix. If they have more chihuahua genetics, though, their hair would be short and stiff.

Do Pomchi barks a lot?

Let me guess. You’re here because you are concerned about Do Pomchi barks a lot?. Don’t worry this article will help you know that.

Barking is a perfectly common and natural dog activity. If not regulated, Pomeranian dog barking, also known as Pomeranian yapping, can become a problem.

A Pomeranian’s bark is an essential means of communication, and some dogs bark more than others.

He has a vocabulary he wants the owner to understand, much as you try to train your Pomeranian. The majority of dogs communicate by barking.

It can appear to be noise, but it’s usually your dog’s way of communicating with you. Dogs rarely bark for no reason, but try to understand what they’re doing and come up with a solution.

Do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Pet owners most asked question is Do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Pomeranians enjoy cuddling. This is due to their habit of living in packs.

They warm themselves and express love and affection by cuddling. Whether or not your Pomeranian enjoys cuddling is determined by factors such as habit formation early in puppyhood or being hyper at the time you want to cuddle.

Pomeranians have a strong bond with their pet parents. These toy dogs enjoy being near their owners.

The majority of Poms enjoy being cuddled, scratched, and petted. They’d also demand it by reaching out to you with their paw. Pomeranians are noted for their high levels of love.


Pomeranian mix with Chihuahua puppies will get along with other animals in the house if they are introduced slowly and calmly, and early socialization can help things go smoothly.

They should get used to other pets as soon as possible.

Pomchis, on the other hand, have a sassy demeanor and can love being the only pet in the home.

Many Pomchis get along swimmingly with other dogs and cats, but it all comes down to training, socialization, and luck of the draw.

Since the Pomchi is a small dog, easily excitable children can easily kill them. Pomeranian chihuahua mix prefers to be in the company of adults or older children who know how to play with them respectfully and treat them calmly. 

The Pomchi, on the other hand, can be a wonderful, active companion for children who learn how to properly handle and play with a small dog at a young age.



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