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Shih Tzu Black and White

Shi Tzus being, one of the most cute, adorable, and nice-looking little fellows, are Asian toy dog breeds. Their long hair and short snout made them even pretty and well-known among pet lovers. 

Shih Tzus comes in different colors, but this dog breeds most beautiful and unique color is Shih Tzu black and white

Shih Tzu black and white is primarily a black dog with white streaks, not a white dog with black markings! These small yet powerful dogs are indeed very hard to potty train; however, they are intelligent, they will get on you. 

Do you want to know more about Shih Tzu black and white? If yes, what are you waiting for? This article will let you know all; continue reading!

Are white and black Shih Tzus rare?

As stated earlier, Shih Tzu white and black are mainly black dogs with white streaks. And hence, after reading about the rarest color of Shih Tzu, you will know that black is its most rare color.

This clearly tells that white and black Shih Tzu (which is the black dog) is, for sure, amongst the rare dogs. And if you think about buying it, Shih Tzu black and white price will be more than other colored Shih Tzus as black and white is a remarkable combination of color in a dog like Shih Tzu.

Along with being rare, Shih Tzus with black and white color are also very popular. 

What is the rarest color of Shih Tzu?

You may have seen Shih Tzu in many colors. However, there is one color that can be the rarest color and one that can be the most common color of Shih Tzu.

What do you think can be the rarest color of Shih Tzu? The rarest color a Shih Tzu comes in is Black! Isn’t that bold and dominant?

Most pet owners (especially Shih Tzu lovers) are found to be searching for this rarest color of the breed.

A black Shih Tzu has an entire black-colored body, even the nose pigment, which is always black, no matter the color then.

Nevertheless, with a full black-colored body, you may also find little white markings usually on their chest, but solid black is also available.

As we are talking about colors, you need to know one more thing. Do you know that a Shih Tzu changes color? The answer to this is a big yes! As time passes and Shih Tzu (with whatever color) grows, its color changes. 

However, that is not the case with black and white Shih Tzus; they do not change their color or shade.

How much does a Black and White Shih Tzu Cost?

Shi Tzus are as expensive as most other toy dog breeds; they have almost the same average cost.

On average, a Shih Tzu cost starts from somewhere around $500 and can go as high as $3000. It all depends on where you buy these dogs. 

When you buy the dog from a reputable breeder, you often have to pay more, but the quality of the dog will be excellent with no health problems.

However, if you buy the dog from a disreputable breeder, you will pay less and get the dog. In this case, the quality of the dog will not be confirmed. The dog may also be suffering from some kind of medical illness.

The board of “Shih tzu black and white for sale” hanging outside a shop might attract you but always go for dogs that are quality confirmed.

Are black and white Shih Tzus common?

Under the subheading “Are white and black Shih Tzus rare?” It is clearly said that black and white Shih Tzus are rare; they are not common. You will not easily find a Shih Tzu with a black and white coat. 

They are rare and expensive, which also becomes a reason why not most pet lovers buy them.

What is the Best Color of Shih Tzu?

A Shih Tzu, just like other dogs, comes in many different colors. What colors, in your opinion, can be the best color of a Shih Tzu? 

Black! Black is not just the rarest color but also a very beautiful and enchanting color that a Shih Tzu has.

The people most like a black Shih Tzu (with no other hair color), and it looks so charming that one cannot stop gazing at these little charming black Shih Tzus.

However, people are different; they have different choices. If one likes black, the other might go for white. If one wants to have a Shih Tzu black and brown, others may prefer to have a Shih Tzu white and brown

So, it really depends on your personal preferences. Buy only the color that YOU think is the best!

Is a male or female Shih Tzu better?

The male Shih Tzu is better than the female. The male is more gracious and forgiving, while the female is aggressive at the same time. The female Shih Tzu tries to exercise her superiority. 

Unlike the male, the female pet doesn’t prefer to chase a ball and play with children.

The male dogs are more reliable and fun-loving, whereas females do not get too much attached. Perhaps, the females are more docile than the male ones.

Do Shih Tzu get Attached to one Person? 

A Shih Tzu is a loving and affectionate dog that behaves nicely to all. Being friendly and gentle is instilled in its nature.

However, when it comes to choosing people, both Shih Tzu black and white male and female will choose only one person! Yes, it is true that a Shih Tzu gets attached to one person only.

Whether a Shih Tzu is living in a huge or a small family group, there will be only one that Shih Tzu will be more close to.

Do you know why that is so?

Well, people who seem to be having the same personality and level of energy as them are more likely to be the favorite person of Shih Tzus than those who are just confined to spend a little time with them. 

How do you know if your Shih Tzu loves you?

Shih Tzus do so many things to tell you that they love you! If you see your Shih Tzu is being playful, eating well, showing no bad (destructive) behavior, and waving his tail, it shows he is happy, and he loves you. 

And when he jumps at you excitedly, that’s also a sign Shih Tzu loves you. For showing him your love, you can hang Shih Tzu black and white clipart on the walls; he will love it!

Why are Shih Tzus so Hard to Potty Train?

The only reason found about why Shih Tzus are so hard to potty train is their stubbornness. Shih Tzus tend to be stubborn when it comes to their potty training.

The average time taken to properly potty train a Shih Tzu is up to 2 to 4 months. In some cases, it also takes over eight months! 

However, the time can be reduced, and your canine will still be potty trained properly. How is that possible?!

Well, that can be done if YOU follow your part of the job appropriately in this task, and that is none other than showing consistency, patience, and remaining calm.

How Long can a Shih Tzu hold their Pee?

As told, Shih Tzu is a toy breed that has a small-sized body. Shih Tzu black and white full-grown just has a height of anywhere between 20 cm to 28 cm (both male and female).

Hence, a short body becomes the cause of an even shorter and smaller bladder of a Shih Tzu. 

Smaller Bladder is usually not capable of holding the pee for a longer time. And for this reason, a Shih Tzu has to pee every two hours. So, be sure and punctual to take your puppy to the potty place every two hours. 

How many times do Shih Tzu Poop?

Smaller dogs usually need to poop more than the older or larger dog breeds because of their small bladder size. If the dog is healthy, he will produce 10 to 20 ml of urine each day (for each pound of body weight). 

So, ideally, a dog should go to poo at least 3 to 5 times a day. Therefore, if your Shih Tzu goes out to eliminate the waste four times or more, that should not be considered a big concern. 

How many Times Should Shih Tzu Eat?

It’s necessary to feed a Shih Tzu three times a day. And if it is so young, you need to feed him at least four 4 to 6 times a day. The amount of food that should be given to a dog somehow depends on its metabolism, activity level, build, and age. The RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) for Shih Tzu is 1/2 to 1 cup of good quality dry food. 


A Shih Tzu black and white is a rare dog that many pet owners love. These are affectionate and caring for their owners and love to spend time with them.

A Shih Tzu black and white name can be many. Decide an interesting name for him that you and he adore and live joyfully together.


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