Teacup Pomeranian VS Regular Pomeranian

Whether you adopt a teacup Pomeranian or just a regular standard Pomeranian, you would love to have them. They can add charm to your life by adding loads of cuteness and liveliness. And the best part about them is their trainability – so easy to train! Their size is what attracts pet lovers to have this super-intelligent breed as their family member.

There is not much difference between a teacup Pomeranian vs. a regular Pomeranian, but the ones that differentiate them are discussed in this article.  So grab a cup of coffee and understand the different aspects of a teacup Pomeranian and a regular Pomeranian.

Teacup Pomeranian vs. Regular Pomeranian

A Pomeranian dog breed is famous for its tiny body and alert, intelligent nature. This teddy bear pomeranian reaches a height of 7 to 12 inches and can weigh around 3 to 7 pounds. One should not underestimate them by their size because they can become fine watchdogs, although they are the ultimate toy-sized puppies.

People who like small dogs have come up with a tinier version of this already toy-sized pooch called Teacup Pomeranian. As the name indicates, this canine is actually the size of a teacup.

A teacup Pomeranian’s characteristics are almost similar to the traditional breed, such as they are sporty, energetic, playful, and extremely loyal puppies. They are a perfect treat for people looking for the fluffiest, cutest, and smallest dog breed.

What is the difference between a Pomeranian and Teacup Pomeranian?

The first difference lies in obviously the size, due to which a lot of breeders are interested in producing this type of already tiny dog. Standard Pomeranian measurements are a height of 7-12 inches, weight ranging between 1.4-3.2 kg, full body length between 24-28 cm, and a lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

On the other hand, a teacup Pomeranian can get to a height of 6 to 12 inches and weigh around 3 pounds when fully grown. These extra small dogs have been known to live up to 12 to 16 years that is a lifespan similar to any standard Pomeranian.

Are there two types of  Pomeranians?

Being a pet owner, you must have heard questions like how many types of Pomeranian exist. Do these varieties of a regular Pomeranian are certified by any authoritative body and Is it Okay to ask for a Pomeranian; other than the traditional one?

Well, technically, the American Kennel Club does not accept these types of purebred Pomeranian. In the official books, a teacup Pomeranian, Mini teacup Pomeranian, Micro mini pomeranian, Baby teacup poms, or any other kind you hear or see in an advertisement are not registered.

The reason behind this action taken by AKC is for good because many amateur breeders in the market are using risky breeding techniques, which usually results in an unhealthy dog. They do it for the sake of money and sell people sickly pups.

Other than the types mentioned earlier, the Pomeranians exist in different colors, such as red, orange, lavender, and blue. A Lavender Pomeranian is considered the rarest and one of the most expensive Pomeranians.

How big will a Teacup Pomeranian get?

Teacup Pomeranians are certainly cute and adorable because of their appearance. These gorgeous dogs are more like little balls of fluff but do you know how big they get? Or are they really the size of a teacup? Teacup Pomeranian VS Regular Pomeranian

Well, when these questions arise in your mind, they become the reason for you being here, reading this article. So, let’s get to the point. A teacup Pomeranian size is small with a compact body. A teacup pom, of course, unlike other Pomeranians, gets an average of 6 to 12 inches. And in terms of weight, it gets somewhere between 2 to 5 pounds.  

By the time it turns to 12 months, it usually gets to its adult size. Therefore, a teacup Pomeranian is a tiny dog who is not much wider than your hand.

Being that small, this breed needs more attention and care in order to remain fit and flea. So, the teacup Pomeranian owners should always take care of this thing and not overlook it.

Do Teacup Pomeranians Stay Small?

The answer to this question lies in their name itself! Yes, teacup Pomeranians stay small no matter what stage of life they are in. In other words, teacup Pomeranians remain small for their entire life. It is genetically predetermined that they will be between 2 to 5 pounds in weight and 6 to 12 inches in height and not more than that!

Teacup Pomeranians are one of the dog breeds that appear to be puppies forever!

Due to their small size, care often becomes necessary for their owners to own them. They are so fragile that they will die if you mistakenly step upon them or if they get slipped from your hand and fall off on the floor. Therefore, they require all-time care.

Do teacup Pomeranians bark a lot?

Teacup Pomeranians do bark a lot, and there is no way you can deny it. They bark when they see anything unusual, when they are excited, or when they are unfamiliar with anything. It is often hard to stop their barking, which sometimes becomes an embarrassment, especially when this little fellow ends up barking on your friend! Teacup Pomeranian VS Regular Pomeranian

Want to make him stop barking? Don’t worry! You can still stop the barking of your doggie if you start training your pup about it.  You should not forget that you can stop your puppy’s barking at once. It may take time, so patience is one of the important assets here. 

To reduce the excessive bark of your dog, follow the measures given below:

  • First of all, try to find out the reason for your dog’s bark (it’s great first to know the reason and then take the step forward)
  • Cause distraction. This will help to divert his mind from barking and indulge him in some other activity.
  • Interrupt his barking by saying a command they already know, just like “sit.”
  • Repeat these methods consistently, and you will notice in some time that your pom’s bark has been reduced.

Do teacup Pomeranians shed a lot?

A teacup Pomeranian shed just like all other dogs on this land, but this breed does not shed as much as others. And for so, they are also not known as heavy shedders.

Pomeranians shed two times a year. Usually, you will find them shedding their undercoats over a time of 3 to 6 weeks. Due to their shedding, they need both care and baths. It’s great to brush your friend’s coat 2 to 3 times a week when he is shedding.  

As stated earlier, teacup Pomeranian does not shed much, but their little shedding can still affect you if you are a person with an allergy. So, it’s better to own a Pomeranian only if you do not have a severe allergy. 

And if you are one with minimal allergy, you can surely own it with no worries!


Keeping a small dog as your pet is always a big responsibility because they have a higher chance of getting injured while jumping from any table chair and bed. The threat can also be from any small children in your family who are unaware of how to treat this little buddy.

So be prepared and have a thorough knowledge of teacup Pomeranian VS regular Pomeranian. This article will give you an idea of how small your buddy will be and whether or not you can take care of this extra little friend.


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