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Everyone has often heard a phrase called teaching dogs Heel. But only a few may know the meaning and purpose of this phrase. This article is about why questions regarding heeling lead not how.

So if you are looking for some interesting and helpful information about the leading heel, you are knocking on the right door. This article will help you enhance skills in the heeling lead when working on your pet.

The exact meaning of heel position

You are called standing in a heel position when the dog is standing next to you and the dog, front foot matches the heel of your foot. There are certain dog owners with hopes that how exact placement of their dog’s heel. A couple of inches can be personal space, but the front legs of dogs should be next to you more or less.

Sometimes it depends on the trainers, they can like being dog ahead a bit or behind. It should be noted owner should be in the peripheral of the dog or will fall out from Heel. Consistency is the key no matter what the owner does. 

The reason behind learning heeling lead

heeling lead

Healing lead provides mental exercise for your dog and enhances control easily. Heeling lead is beneficial in providing relaxation when the dog is not walking, and the leash is loose. It provides aid in leadership. The dog needs control of mental discipline when it comes to being with his owner for a longer time and avoiding sniff and peeing, avoid temptations. For the majority of dogs, it is difficult as it needs a lot of control over impulses.

When a dog walks with their owner is not a big task for them, as at the human pace they can walk. it is not an exercise which should be called physical but a lot of mental exercises can be said as walking in the Heel position.

With the help of heeling lead, it makes your dog relaxed physically and also mentally. It is important for the owner to be in the dog’s peripheral as making the dog stay in their position. Dogs take direction from their owner by not being distracted by the outer world. Without heeling lead, the dog can follow less direction from the owner and not controlling impulses. Heeling lead is not piece of cake for every dog but by heeling lead dogs can learn easily. Training matters a lot.

Requirements of training your dog with the heeling lead

  • The leash should be present, in areas that are without fencing.
  • Training with heeling lead should be provided in a safe area, which means no kind of distraction.
  • There should be dog treats when he learns something. This will help the dog to gain focus during training. It can be meat, peanut butter and much more. 

Frequently asked questions about heeling lead

Why is heeling lead on the left side?

This is because we live in a right-handed world. If we see at history so, men used to wear swords and also supported horses from the left side for safety scales. So for the right-handed riders, it was an easier way to go with a sword when hanging on the left side rather than the right side. It was the safer side.

How do you train a dog to heel on lead?

When the dog is on a leash, so the owner should stand in front of him but don’t ask anything from the dog. When they look at the owner so click and give them a treat. So doing this activity a few times will make the dog adopt this behaviour. It will come in their behaviour that when they will stand to be your side left or right, they will be rewarded in the shape of a treat.

What does the heel command do?

The meaning of heel command is to make a dog by your side and make him stay at the side. When the owner is walking so he can call “Heel”, the dog will come to his side. If the owner is not walking and is still when the owner says “Heel” the dog comes and will sit.

How do you start heeling?

It can be done inside the house by walking into the room and calling your dog by his name. Guide him in the direction of where he needs to walk (but being on the left side, it is the traditional way). When a dog is with you alongside so owner can say yes and then a reward should be given. Even a clicker can be used.

What is the heel trick for dogs?

The heel definition in a dog context is that he should be on the left side of his owner and should walk parallel. He should have six inches gap with the owner. The owner’s left side leg should line up with the dog’s head right side.

How long does it take to teach heel?

As we know that the dog’s behaviour is in-built, so it is going to take 3 weeks minimum to break his behavioural cycle. And if training is not consistent it can take up to 2 to 3 months. So consistency is an important factor.

Conclusion of heeling lead

It should be noted that mistakes are part of training. Mistakes can be done by dogs. They may take a step backwards or forgets some tips, it’s natural. Working on your dog should be done patiently means don’t penalize him if don’t do something right or forgets something.

If the owner will work patiently, so Dog will have a strong grip on each step. The dog should be trained on heeling lead in a comfortable environment. Breaks from training can be done in days or weeks.

Starting days can be hard and time taking process, both for the owner and dog but once training has been done successfully, it will be fruitful not for a few months or days but for a lifetime. 




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