Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix

The wolfhound German shepherd mix is a hybrid breed that combines the strength of the Irish wolfhound and the loyalty of the German shepherd. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this beautiful breed, from their appearance and temperament to their care needs. ThisĀ breed has amazing looks and appearance which makes him more eye catching.


The wolfhound German shepherd mix can vary in appearance depending on which parent they take after more. Generally, they are a large breed with a muscular body, long legs, and a deep chest. They usually have a thick, dense coat that comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and gray. Their ears are usually floppy, and their tails are long and bushy. They look elegant and perfect.

wolfhound german shepherd mix


The wolfhound German shepherd mix is a loyal and protective dog that makes a great companion and guard dog. They are intelligent, trainable, and eager to please their owners, making them suitable for both novice and experienced dog owners. They are also known for their gentle nature and patience, which makes them great with children and other pets. It is important to check temperament of dog to make his living comfortable at your place. This helps in building understanding too.

Training and Socialization

For the wolfhound German shepherd mix, training and socialization are essential. They are relatively simple to train because they are bright and eager to please their owners. It’s also crucial to socialize them early to make sure they get along with both people and other animals. Exposure to many people, animals, sounds, and places should be part of socialization. Every breed needs to be socialized to make them confident and friendly with others.

Exercise and Activity Needs

Wolfhound German shepherd mixes are energetic breeds that require regular activity as well as mental stimulation. Long walks, hikes, and game-playing with their owners are all things they like. They gain advantages from having access to a garden that is safely fenced so they can run around and play. Destructive behaviour and other health issues might result from a lack of physical activity and intellectual stimulation. Dogs who are active and prepared for exercise

Health and Care Needs

It’s a wolfhound. Although German shepherd mixes are mostly a healthy breed, they are susceptible to some health problems like other dogs. Hip dysplasia, bloat, and arthritis are a few of the most prevalent medical conditions. Many of these health problems can be avoided with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and veterinary examinations. They also need to get their nails cut and their coats brushed on a regular basis.


The wolfhound. The Irish wolfhound and German shepherd are combined to create the rare and lovely breed known as the German shepherd mix. They make excellent companions and guard dogs since they are devoted, vigilant, and clever creatures. They can live long, healthy lives and offer happiness to their owners’ lives if given the right training, socialization, exercise, and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a mixed wolfhound and German shepherd?

A huge breed with a shoulder height of up to 32 inches, the wolfhound German shepherd mix can weigh 75 to 150 pounds.

Are wolfhound and German shepherd crossbreeds good with kids?

Wolfhound and German shepherd hybrids get along well with kids in general. They make excellent family pets since they are kind, patient, and guardians.

Are wolfhound and German shepherd crossbreeds hostile?

Wolfhound German shepherd crossbreeds are not aggressive, but they can guard their territory and family. Aggressive behavior can be avoided with the proper socialization and training.

A wolfhound/German shepherd mix needs how much exercise?

An example of a wolfhound/German shepherd mix

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