German Shepherd IQ

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, known for their loyalty, courage, and versatility. But what about their intelligence? Are German Shepherds as smart as many people claim? 

A German shepherd is thought to be a very intelligent breed and is quick in learning new behaviors. Their desire to work and cooperate with humans is strong. This all together makes them famous, trainable and the best companion dogs. So let’s check how much IQ they got and why so smart

Why Are German Shepherds Referred To As The Smartest Breed?

They are called intelligent and smart because they have a history of guarding and protective instincts. For protecting the herd, higher intelligence was needed. They can sense any danger. Follow instructions quickly and love to please.This breed is best protector for people and is used by law and military authorities for serving and protecting.

Tests have been done on the IQ and intelligence of dogs and this breed has been successful in passing tests, which made German shepherds the smartest among others. It should be noted that even within a breed intelligence may differ a lot. Intelligence can be measured by the abilities he owns.

German Shepherd IQ


  • Capable of solving Tracking Puzzles
  • Capabilities to find the difference
  • Quickly learning commands
  • Communication ability

Capable Of Solving Tracking Puzzles

We can calculate the IQ by making their treat hide and calculating how long it takes to find it. All of this will help to check and determine the speed of how long it takes your dog to solve a problem. This will help them to think more wisely and help in training.

Capabilities To Finding The Difference

It can be easy for your dog to tell which one is orange and which one is apple, but it can get harder for them to recognize two things that are very much similar. There are many tests designed for your dog to find the difference between the two, most likely things. This will make them to put focus on current situation and make work complete under minimum time.

Quickly Learning Commands

Learning new commands in a very short period shows the link between his IQ and performance. This is not a test which needs to be provided to the dog but a study for demonstrating his studying capabilities. Because of this owner won’t have to put extreme efforts for making his dog to learn basic things as they can learn easily.

Communication Ability

If your dog is picking new commands easily and quickly that means he must be good at getting information. But to determine his area of communication is a qualitative aspect. Owner need to be around his dog for demonstrating his interaction with him and involvement he does in anything he is provided with.

German Shepherd IQ

Do This Breed Have A Good Memory?

Yes, they are recognized for their good memory. This can be seen when learning a new technique, and commands, memorizing places and people’s faces, even if your dog hasn’t seen them recently. We can call it as photographic memory.

Are German Shepherds Smarter And Have Best IQ Than Other Dogs?

This breed is named smarter than other dogs and has been ranked 3rd for IQ. In this different aspects needs to be seen depending on how the dog is trained. On the other hand, Poodles and Border Collies have been named more intelligent breeds than German shepherds.

As from the above details that this breed is considered brilliant among dogs. If you add this breed to your family and house, you need to have information about factors regarding intelligence level. If you don’t get the stimulation they want, this might end up in some issues like:

  • Anxiety of separation
  • Restlessness
  • Acting out
  • The behaviour might be destructive
  • Aggression
  • Depression

Your dog might not be happy when under-stimulated. The owner needs to find dog intelligence as a challenge and work accordingly to give him a happy life.


The German shepherd is the 3rd intelligent dog around the globe. This intelligence factor focuses on work, obedience and focus. Understanding their intelligence will provide them happy and satisfied life. They have not only intelligence but the best companionship. They are best to make everyone entertain in household and sometimes seeks for attention. He needs to get exercise for a healthy and best life.

Because of being intelligent, they are trained easily. They are known to be the best pet and with a high pack of energy, so before making it your family part you need to make sure that this breed can fit your lifestyle. Make sure that you should provide them good quality time.


What Rank Is A German Shepherd In IQ?

This breed has been ranked number: 3 in intelligence aspects and number: 2 in becoming popular dogs in the US. Based on AKC, this breed is fearless, confident and loyal. They are easily trainable.

Can German Shepherds See At Night?

As human beings we have the best vision and rarely among us have nearsighted or farsighted. Two breeds namely German shepherds and rottweilers have the best vision at night too as dogs contain rod-rich retinas making them good at seeing in dim light. They can see very good in night which adds more value in protecting instinct.

Are German Shepherds Smarter Than Cats?

The study has shown that dogs are smarter than cats. This is due to the fact that  Dogs have twice more neurons as cats which are linked with planning, thinking and complex behavior. They are even smarter than also other dogs. Due to his intelligence, he has been considered best dog in the US.

Are German Shepherds Brave?

Yes, they are a confident, loyal and fearless breed. They can do anything for protecting his family because he has a history of protecting herds.

Will a German Shepherd Protect You?

Yes, this breed protects its owner at any cost. They have protective nature and can do anything to make their owner feel safe and sound.



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