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The Romanian sheepdog is another name for the mioritic shepherd dog. The purpose of this breed was to be working as a guardian of livestock in the region of Romania. They are considered loyal and huge. Their loyalty is not only for humans but also for the animals they live with. This breed has an amazing reputation for gentleness and love but is suspicious and protective when any stranger encounters it.

As their size is large so living in small apartments or small areas won’t be a suitable choice. They are not high energy but still need to provide them with outdoor space for roaming. Their nature includes a loving and gentle side so they need to get lessons of confident leadership from humans. They need to be adopted by an experienced owner rather than a new one. This breed has a history which attaches to Romans.

Appearance and look of shepherd dog

This breed has a huge body which is covered by light and long hairs all around. Their body structure includes a massive head and skull which is broad. They have got the medium size and oval-shaped eyes. The lens colour may be hazel or amber. They have rectangular bodies and got broad shoulders.

Their entire body is covered with long hair which includes feet and head. Their coat colour ranges from white, and cream to grey which is pale. Mostly skin which is grey coloured is preferred.

Temperament and behaviour of shepherd dog

This breed is balanced and vigilant. He is alert every time. Their attachment factor is very strong to their owners. They have a suspicious eye towards the stranger. Indeed they are courageous and fearless. They come best in protecting their shelter and family. He is the best pet and also a guard. He best fighter when it comes to attacking their family, possible attackers may be a wolf, bear etc. This breed loves children a lot.

Diet and feeding of shepherd dog

Mioritic Shepherd Dogs should have a diet which contains a large piece of breed and a medium energy level should be given. It should be noted that this breed has a tendency to grow quickly and reach up to 100 pounds. So a high level of exercise is necessary in order to maintain their weight.

Food should be measured and twice a day they should be fed by this they can be healthy without gaining a lot of weight. The mioritic shepherd dog’s diet changes from puppyhood till adult as other dogs. Changing will be present in the senior section. For giving them a proper diet, a veterinarian should be involved.

Health and diseases of shepherd dog

Generally, Mioritic Shepherd Dogs are a healthy breed. But they can have certain health issues and conditions like other breeds. It is important to check which diseases can happen if you are considering this dog as a pet.

Common health problem in Mioritic Shepherd Dogs includes

  • Gastric torsion
  • Hip dysplasia.

Coat colour and grooming of shepherd dog

This breed has a double coat which contains a mix of white and grey. The Mioritic Shepherd Dog has a dense and shaggy coat. They can easily be adopted in cold climates and conditions.

In the summer seasons and months Mioritic Shepherd Dogs should have access to fresh water enough in order to stay cool can hydrated.Colour and grooming should be taken care of by owners.

Rescue of mioritic shepherd dogs

As these dogs have distinct temperaments and huge sizes with living requirements, Mioritic Shepherd Dog rescues provide aid in finding new shelters and care when importance is needed. This wonderful breed is rescued from Romania and in the UK they are transported.

Mioritic Shepherd Dogs are cared for by volunteers until they are adopted. The goal of the rescue team is to provide each dog with a perfect shelter and loving environment. Where they can grow easily and have the best of their lives.

If someone is adopting this breed from rescue, it should be kept in mind that the dog may be having a past of abandonment or abuse and even neglect. Even rescue dogs have also spent traumatic experiences in any shelter. So dealing with rescue mioritic shepherd dogs, it is important to have patience, knowledge and understanding. It needs time to manage in the new shelter.

If someone wants to rescue this wonderful breed so they can provide them stable home with a safe environment, where they can grow freely. A comfortable environment means a perfect bed, good exercise and a diet which should be balanced.

It is important to understand a dog’s personality and if the dog is having any problem regarding behaviour, so behaviourists or trainers can help. For mioritic shepherd dogs socialization is also very important. This breed is very intelligent but can be sometimes stubborn and training can be difficult if not properly socialized.

For making a strong bond between owner and dog so socialization is an important factor to consider. In order to provide aid to Mioritic Shepherd Dogs to help and support local rescues. To continue their work, these organizations need volunteers and donors to make their work successful.


The Mioritic Shepherd Dogs can grow up to 100 pounds when they reach maturity. It is important to stop puppies’ growth this quickly. As growth is excessive can make the risk of having musculoskeletal issues. Puppies should have a diet that contains the best quality huge breed puppy formula until they reach up to 80% of weight as an adult. For this breed, early socialization is important as also training.

This breed is unique and should be recognized in the UK because of its loving side and protective nature. They can be an excellent pets with supportive and experienced owners. In order to recuse and help these dogs to get the better shelter and lifestyle they deserve, Mioritic Shepherd Dog rescue should be supported. These dogs have the right to live life fully and be happy. A comforting environment with the best owners is what is needed and supported.


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