What dog has the strongest bite force

“What dog has the strongest bite force”?

All dogs have a reasonable biting force, there are a few breeds that outshine the rest in terms of the strongest dog bite force

It’s easy to forget that dogs are animals with lethal bites while they’re acting charming. 

The Crocodile is the animal with the strongest bite in the animal kingdom, with a bite power of 3,700 pounds per square inch.

The Mastiff is said to have the strongest bite force, weighing 552 pounds per square inch. 

An ordinary dog exerts 150 to 180 pounds of pressure per square inch. 

Don’t assume that simply because these canines have the strongest bite force, they are also the most aggressive.

Keep reading this article to know everything about the strongest dog bite force.

Strongest dog bite force

We’ve compiled a list of the dog breeds with the strongest bite force.

It’s crucial to understand how powerful your dog bite force is and the dangers that come with it. 

This is a breakdown of your dog’s biting force, from playing with toys to eating to yanking open the garbage can. 

Is your pet on this list? Continue reading to learn more!

These canines have tasks that necessitate a greater bite force PSI. As a result, they are thought to be more aggressive. 

When placed in severely unpleasant settings that cause anxiety and vulnerability, all dogs have the potential to become aggressive.

1. KANGAL – 743 PSI

In Turkey, the Kangal is a popular dog breed that is employed to protect its owners and their houses. 

They boast the world’s strongest bite force of any dog breed. On average, the Kangal grows to reach 75-84 cm tall and weighs 110-145 pounds. 

While this dog’s biting force PSI is extremely strong, it is a gentle giant when it comes to younger children and human family members.

This breed requires good socialization as a puppy to ensure that it is comfortable meeting strangers as an adult. 

The Kangal is not only a barking and biting puppy, but it is also one of the largest dog breeds! 

As a result, heavy-duty dog toys are essential for this pet.


The bite force of the American Bandogge is 730 PSI which is nearly dog strongest. To put that in context, Lion’s bite force PSI is only 650. 

The American Bandogge has a PSI of over 50 PSI more than the King of the Jungle!

This distinction awards it a place among the dog breeds with the most powerful bite force. 

This dog is a crossbreed of a Bulldog and a Mastiff. 

The American Bandogge is a breed that requires consistent training to avoid becoming out of control.

Physical and mental stimulation are also required.


The Cane Corso is a descendant of the Roman Empire that was reared in Italy. 

These puppies have been utilized as catch dogs in some rural regions in recent years.

They are kind and friendly dogs who, despite their stern demeanor, make excellent family companions.

This breed is a threat to everything that poses a threat, cane corso bite force is 700 PSI.


One of the largest dog breeds is the Dogue De Bordeaux, often known as the French Mastiff. 

These canines are not as energetic as some of the other breeds on our list. 

Their 556 bite force PSI, on the other hand, can make them a threat to anything toxic.

5. TOSA INU– 556 PSI

Originally, these dogs were used as combat dogs. The Tosa Inu has developed a reputation as a violent breed. 

These canines reach a minimum size of 21.5-23.5 inches in length and weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. 

The Tosa Inu now has a biting force PSI of 556 as a result of its breeding.

Despite its reputation as an aggressive dog, the Tosa possesses a calm demeanor and excellent obedience. 

This breed is utilized as a watchdog in modern times and solely offers a threat to criminals.

These were the list of the 5 strongest bite force dogs.

How is a dog bite force measured?

The dog bite force is the maximum force with which your dog can bite. 

The biting power of a dog is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), or “pounds per square inch.”

Digital bite meters are used by researchers to take measurements. Many different methods have been used to investigate the strength of a dog’s bite force. 

They are divided into nine groups based on the shape of their skulls and the size of their breeds.

PSI is a unit of measurement for the amount of pressure a dog exerts at any particular time. 

It’s a widely utilized measurement system that’s even used to gauge the pressure of a car’s tires!

Even the most scientifically challenged individuals can comprehend PSI. 

The amount of pressure released by a dog’s jaws varies depending on what they’re biting. 

So, when a dog bites a toy, it does not release the same amount of pressure as it would in a protective circumstance.

Can a dog that bites be trained not to bite?

When a dog bites someone, it’s usually out of fear or protectiveness, or because they’re sick and want to be alone.

Dog bite prevention training entails correct socialization, structure, and confidence-building for your dog.

You can use these techniques to train your dog not to bite.

Your Dog Should Be Spayed or Neutered

While having your dog spayed or neutered isn’t a guarantee that it won’t bite, there is some evidence that altered canines are less aggressive. 

Spaying or neutering your dog has a lot of benefits, one of which is the potential prevention of a dog bite.

Obedience Training is being worked on.

A well-behaved dog is easier to manage. 

You can use basic commands to keep your dog focused on you in situations where it is uncomfortable by working on obedience training. 

It is less likely for your dog to bite if you can manage its behavior. Furthermore, training gives your dog structure and enhances its confidence.

Make No Assumptions

Any dog can bite in the right circumstances. People are frequently bitten by dogs because they believe their dog will not bite.

Don’t assume a dog won’t bite just because it’s a certain breed or size, or because it’s never demonstrated aggression before.

By following these methods you can easily train your dog not to bite.

How to make a dog bite harder?

To have an excellent protection dog or Police K9, you must have a dog that bites well. 

We’re looking for dogs that bite the man, not clothes or other distractions. 

We want dogs that hit hard and don’t back down. Building a strong bite foundation aids in the dog’s development into the dog we desire.

Whether you’re wearing a bite suit, a sleeve, or practicing with a tug toy, here are three strategies to help your dog bite better. 

These are some pointers I’ve picked up along the way, and I’m sure some of you will find them useful.

First and foremost, make sure you have the proper equipment.

I don’t believe enough focus is placed on the equipment used by trainers. 

I frequently observe trainers utilizing outdated, useless, or even incorrect equipment.

Trainers who use a bite suit that is too big for them, or those who work with a young puppy while wearing a hard sleeve.

A biting suit should be tailored to your body, allowing you to move freely and allowing the dog to bite the man rather than the suit. 

To prevent any discomfort while biting, a young dog should be worked on a soft sleeve. 

When it’s time to work for real, both of these possibilities play out in the dog.

Pay Attention to your dog

It’s time to quit reading and stop training dogs if you think dogs can’t talk right now. Dogs’ body language tells us a lot about them. 

They will tell you everything you need to know as a decoy. 

Take note of the dog’s bark, tail position, lack of eye contact, jaw pressure, and overall body stance.

Remove Your Ego

This is a personal statement that will not be found in any dog training books. 

Egos in dog training KILL training, tarnish the industry’s reputation. 

And are the primary reason why you can’t put three dog trainers in the same room without a fight breaking out.

It’s also why canines with high potential are frequently prevented from realizing their full potential.

By following these tips you can train your dog to the strongest bite force.


While these canines may be hazardous, it is important to remember that every animal in the world can harm you in some way. 

It’s usually a good idea to study up on and properly investigate any animals you intend to own so you know everything there is to know about them.

The better understanding you have of your dog, the better you and he can communicate healthily and pleasantly. 

This article should have helped you figure out which dog has the strongest dog bite force in the world. 

Remember that this is a completely amusement-oriented piece and that all dogs are influenced by their environment and training.

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