When Can I Take My Puppy For A Walk?

Really excited? Going for the first walk with your Chi pup is ecstatic and memorable. Are you here to know about when I take my puppy for a walk? Or When do Chihuahua puppies start walking? I got all answers to your questions. What you need is to scroll down!

Chihuahua pups are just single-emotion pets. You can either love your Chihuahua or you can go the other way. Today you will learn about interesting aspects of his personality. No doubt you will fall in love with Chis. 

When Can I Take My Puppy For A Walk?

When do Chihuahua puppies start walking? Waiting for your pup’s walk for the first time? You could feel bad for depriving him of the outdoor walk. I’ll go over everything you need to know. 

Thinking about when I can take my puppy for a walk? It’s tempting to take out your new pup for a walk and show off your neighborhood right away. 

Pups have developing immune systems. They can be highly vulnerable to dangerous viruses like distemper and parvo. Putting your puppy in danger for a little joy. Isn’t it worth?

It’s the false notion that your puppy’s first walk is completely reliant on his age. Your pup’s first walk comes down to his vaccination regime. 

Talk to your veterinarian to start your pup’s vaccination schedule as soon as possible. Out of excitement! You might be wondering when to take your puppy outside just after his vaccination? 

Two weeks after your puppy’s final vaccination booster. Your puppy is ready for his pleasing first walk with you. 

What to do for exercising and socializing your puppy before complete vaccination? You can take your pups to puppy training and socializing centers. All the puppies there are at the same vaccination level. 

When Do Chihuahua Puppies Start Walking? 

I know you are so enthusiastic to witness your newborn puppy walks. But Wait! Newborn Chihuahua pups are helpless in the beginning. They mostly sleep and do little crawling around. 

After about 2 weeks their eyes open. Their opened eyes pique curiosity among them to see the world. Out of curiosity! They start to stand and walk. 

When do Chihuahua puppies start walking? Chihuahua pups start to stand and observe their surrounding at around 3 weeks old age. You can amuse your 4 weeks old pup walking. 

When do Chihuahua puppies start walking? This ability of pups like other animals depends on their individual strength. Some of them can start standing at 2 weeks and can progress slowly up to 4 weeks. Overall, you can expect a walking or even running puppy at around 3 weeks. 

Have you adopted a baby Chihuahua puppy? Then you have missed your pup’s early development, but you can bond with him by starting leash training of your 8 week old Chihuahua. 

How Do I Get My Chihuahua To Walk?

Train your Chihuahua to walk? How? I got you. Give our blog a thorough read to get to know all about how I get my Chihuahua to walk? 

Usually, owners make mistakes in teaching their buddy how to walk properly on a leash. Don’t worry! I’ll go over everything you need to know in this regard. 

How do I get my Chihuahua to walk? Teach your buddy to understand your command. He will soon understand to prepare for a walk, each time you pull out his leash. You can also go for a Teacup Chihuahua harness to keep your pup’s neck safe and sound. 

Adult Chihuahua can learn faster than the baby Chihuahua puppy. You and your pup’s first few walks should be at home or somewhere without distraction.

Show your Chi, a treat and step forward. When your buddy will take a step give him a treat. Repeat this several times and continue giving him treats. What to do now? If your pup got over the leash, increase the distance between treats. 

What if my buddy goes in the opposite direction? Stop there when he’ll notice and stop then start moving in the opposite direction. When your pup catches you up give him a treat. Practice it on regular basis with the treat ‘s formula. Sooner your buddy can walk with you on a leash. 

When Do Newborn Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Excited? When will your newborn Chihuahua puppy get sight of you? Without wasting time! Let us turn to the answer to your queries. 

When do newborn puppies open their eyes? Your one-week-old bud will have closed eyes. They’ll start opening their eyes at the 2nd week of their life usually 10-14 days of age. 

Why my puppy can’t see clearly even in the second week? Don’t panic. His eyes will slowly open wider, revealing the eye-catching grayish-blue eyes with a misty appearance. 

I know you’re too excited to make him recognize his owner. Don’t be anxious. Your buddy will continue developing his sight. He will reach his full vision at around 8 weeks of age. 

How Much Exercise Does A Puppy Need?

Stimulation and plenty of exercises are essential for your dog. How much and how often your pet should exercise?  Read the blog and take notes of. 

Even Chihuahua pups- the general lap dogs, need plenty of regular exercises. Your Chi will love to be with you and do what you do. It will make it easy to overlook your Chihuahua’s energy level. 

How much exercise does a puppy need?  All breeds need a basic of 20-30 minutes of regular exercise for the proper functioning of muscles and joints. Regular exercise also yields good heart health. 

Let me tell you that a 20–30-minute walk is a minimum. You can take your puppy once or twice a day. It’s all your choice. Don’t forget to space the walks so your Chihuahua can take a rest in between. 

Keep in mind! Two walks a day will be perfect if you leave your Chi all day long. A walk in the morning will stimulate as well as tire your pet. He will sleep all day long preventing mischievous days. 

Similarly, a walk at your return will again stimulate your pup. How? It will help to maintain a proper balance between sedentary behavior and exercise. 

Do puppies copy their owner’s potential? That’s correct. Pups always copy their holder’s potential. If you are sedentary at home your pup will also be. If you are active your pup will surely be. 

How Old Are Puppies When They Open Their Eyes?

You can’t expect a clear vision from your newborn Chihuahua. Here’s is all that you can expect as your baby Chihuahua puppy eyes develop. 

How old are puppies when they open their eyes? Newborn puppies can take 10-14 days to open their eyes. Some other breeds can take an even longer time. Most of the pups will open one eye over the course of few days. 

What if your pup has opened only one eye? Is it a disease? No, your pup is completely alright. It’s a natural course. Be patient! Allow nature to place miracles. 

Should I try to open my pup’s eye? Never do this. Give your pup enough time to naturally open his second eye. You may damage your buddies’ eyes by force.

How To Take Care Of A Chihuahua Puppy?

How to fully perform the obligation of Chihuahua care? Here is something you should know about your Chi’s care. Learn and fulfill them on time. So, let us get started. 

Chihuahua pups love consistency. A consistent schedule can make them known what you want. You need to pattern a proper schedule for him. 

Let me give you an example. You should schedule his potty-training break, morning walk, breakfast, morning nap, again a potty break, playtime, midday snack, an afternoon nap, again a potty break, afternoon walk, some playtime, dinner, evening snuggles, again a potty break, and then bedtime. It’s perfect. 

How to take care of a Chihuahua puppy? Natural and organic foods are best for your lovely buddy. It is better to prefer local brands who make food in small batches. In this way, your Chi can eat the best fresh meal. Hope you are giving an attentive reading to this blog. 


Everything You Need To Know About Chihuahuas

Want to know something interesting about Chihuahuas? Here is everything you need to know about Chihuahuas. 

Some people assume that Chihuahua pups have bad tempers, but the reality goes in the opposite way. Chi pups are very sociable and affectionate pets if they are properly raised and trained. 

Are Chihuahua pups stubborn? That’s correct. Chihuahuas are stubborn buddies and always move away from the things they don’t like. They love being with their fellows. 

Are you here to resolve the myth regarding your Chihuahua’s fragile stomach? I have gone through a detailed study to provide you quick answers. 

You don’t need anything special for your Chihuahua care. They need the same care as a normal dog. They need playing, running, and being in the fresh air. Chi’s easily adapt to being indoors. 

What to avoid? You don’t need to pamper your Chihuahua pups excessively. They may become a bit whiny and spoiled. Anyhow, love and enjoy your Chi’s company!


Train your baby Chihuahua puppy to walk on a leash is really a time-giving task. I think the first

trait you should have for training is patience other than skill.  

Hope you have gone through every minor detail about Chihuahuas. Share your experiences for the first walk of your Chihuahua in the comment section. I know you can’t forget that!

Still, I have tried to provide you every aspect related to “When can I take my puppy for a walk?” And also, the frequently asked question “When do Chihuahua puppies start walking?” has been solved. 





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