Saint Bernard Poodle Mix Puppies

If you are looking for a super huggable dog that is giant, but also gentle in nature then Saint Bernard Poodle mix puppies or an adult dog is the best choice.

The Saint Bernard famous characteristics include its lively, friendly, watchful, and calm nature. Because of its habits, now there is a common norm to mix saint Bernard with any other dog breed of choice to create a perfect gentle giant.

Saint Bernard is crossed with a standard size of Poodle to create the gorgeous St. Berdoodle.

In this article, you will find information about the most adorable Saint Bernard mix pups. So, let’s dive in!

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What is a Mini St. Berdoodle?

The Saint Bernard Poodle mix is also known as the Saint Berdoodle, shortened to the St.Berdoodle. This dog has genetic elements of both the parent’s breed, which means that he/she can be as large as a Saint Bernard or can be the size of a standard Poodle.

The St. Bernard parent of the St.Berdoodle mix has a wide and well-known history. The mini Saint Berdoodle is a mixture of a miniature poodle with a Saint Bernard.

The size of the Mini Saint Berdoodle has an average height of 18-22 inches and a weight of almost between 35 to 70 pounds. This all is due to the two different breeds that undergo to create this new lovable dog.

The saint Berdoodle is not considered an AKC(American Kennel Club) breed. It is a hybrid mini that is quickly increasing in popularity.

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Saint Bernard Mix Poodle Puppies

The Saint Berdoodle is the Saint Bernard mix Poodle puppy. This canine comes in a lot of different varieties depending upon their parent breed and the technique of breeding involved.

These varieties usually differ in their color combinations and their coats.

In the case of color, usually, there are two types of blend occurring, which are white-and-brown and white-and-black. Sometimes the dominant color can also be red as well.

The coats can be curly just like their Poodle parent, or longer, silky and rough just like that of a Saint Bernard.

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How Big Do Saint Berdoodle Get?


Saint Bernard Poodle Mix Puppies

When thinking of big dogs, it’s no wrong that you would come up with the names of the English mastiff, the Bernese mountain dog, or the Leonberger. And then, needless to say, would often come one of the most adorable and docile breeds of dog: Saint Bernard.

Hence, when you have got a soft corner for such dogs, you should also know about a mixed breed called, St. Berdoodle. Let’s talk about how big they get?

Saint Berdoodles, mainly the outcome of Saint Bernard and Standard Poodle, after fully grown reach to the size of 24 to 30 inches which is not too big.

And when talking about their weight and life span, then that gets to 110 to 200 lb and 10 to 12 years, respectively.

Showing, unlike the standard poodle and St. Bernard of which it is a mixture of, it doesn’t get too big in size but an average of 24 to 30 inches.

In terms of male St. Berdoodles size, a female grows a bit lesser in size, and of course in weight too.

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How Long Do St. Berdoodles Live?

Saint Berdoodles, just like other dogs, have an average life span of 10 to 12 years (as already mentioned). Saint Berdoodle can die early if not taken good care of. Want your pet to live longer?

No worries, we have got you!

Following are the two most important ways to improve your pup’s life expectancy:

Always take good care of what your pet eats; feed food in the right amount. This will help in maintaining the good health of your dog which will ultimately result in increasing the life expectancy.

Exercising! This is as important as a healthy balanced diet. The benefits of exercising on the health of humans and on animals are the same.

So, now you will know how essential that is. It will balance your Berdoodle’s weight, strengthen its muscles, and make him or her energetic.

Other things include taking the pup to the vet and give attention and love to it.

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Saint Berdoodle Size

The Saint Berdoodles are gigantic breeds and they come in different sizes. A St.Berdoodle is a hybrid of a Saint Bernard and a Poodle, crossing over of which results in different sizes. The overall weight can fluctuate between 40 to 180 pounds, depending upon the sizes of both the parents.

For instance, if the parents are both on the large end, then Berdoodles could be as bulky as 180 pounds. Getting Berdoodles in a size smaller like 40 or larger like 180 are exceptional cases because most of the time they are in the size between 60 to 140. The average height ranges between 20 – 30 inches.

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How Much Do Saint Berdoodle Cost?

Saint Berdoodles are, no doubt, loyal pups that accommodate well even with children, because of their friendly behavior. Owning a St. Berpoo (berdoodle), if you are a bear-sized creature lover, will be a great choice. All of its specialties will charge you a great amount for sure!

An adult Saint Berdoodle price ranges anywhere between $1000 to $2000. In case of buying a Saint Berdoodle puppy will owe you less. Its average cost is $1000 but can vary from $550 to $2000.

Now, if you buy the dog from a breeder, the price will surely vary depending on the different factors including reputation and location of the breeder.

The greater the reputation of the breeder in the market, the greater will be the cost, while the breeder with a lesser reputation will sell you the pet in a lower cost.

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Saint Bernard Mix Puppies

The hybrids which are created after mixing the bloodline of Saint Bernard with any other dog breed will probably contain all the qualities of a loveable companion. This is why people do not mind crossbreeding of these species. Following are some of the most famous Saint Bernard mix:

  1. Saint Bernewfire is a mix between Newfoundland and Saint Bernard. They are famous for their stubborn nature but can turn out to be great family dogs if trained properly.
  2. Labernard is a product of crossing over between a Saint Bernard and a Labrador retriever. In the form of Lab, you can have a big, playful, and docile dog.
  3. Saint Brexer, although sad-looking from its face is a very tender giant. It is a mix between a Boxer and a Saint Bernard.
  4. Saint Weiler crossbreed is a very loyal and expert watchdog. It comes into being by the crossing of Saint Bernard with a Rottweiler.
  5. Saint Pyrenees is a product of crossing over between the Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard. This breed is famous for being an excellent working dog.

Note: There are many other excellent crossbreeds but it is difficult to mention all of these in this single article.

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If you have decided to have a dog with the tenderness and massiveness of Saint Bernard and the cuteness of a poodle then your choice should definitely be a Saint Berdoodles or Saint Bernard Poodle mix puppies. This dog will become a part of your family within a short period.

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