Poodle and Shih Tzu Mixed Puppies

Nowadays, everyone is interested in buying the Shih-Poo bread puppies. Basically, they are the results of a mixed breed. A perfect cross between the Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle breed. They are the perfect cuddle companion for everybody. Poodle and Shih Tzu Mixed Puppies are small in size and have very friendly nature.

They adopt some of the best qualities from their parents. They are hypoallergenic in nature so make sure to take care of them properly. As these puppies requires a lot of attention.

However, to get these poodle and shih Tzu mixed puppies from the market is not that easy. Certain factors are needed to be considered from thinking, about buying them. As they cost a hefty sum, be sure in what poodle you are investing. You must know how much they shed and what is their temperament towards your family.

However, you don’t need to worry. Your all questions will be answered in this article. Now take a deep breath and start reading.

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Poodle and Shih Tzu Mixed Puppies

Shih-Poos are mostly recognizing as Shoodle or Pooshi. They are the new dog breed that is developed in North America.  They are the cross of two small breeds like; Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle. They are the perfect companion for everyone.

As they have a very friendly and versatile nature. Among elder peoples they are mostly liked. Let me tell you, they are not the purebreds.

They adjust easily in small places like flats. However, they have high sensitivity level. As compared to other dog breeds. They grow in between 8 to 18 inches and having about life span they easily last 13-17 years.

These puppies come in a lot of colors. Black, white, brown almost come in every variation. As a small breed, they sometimes get caught with dental problems.

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Shih Tzu Poodle mix Black and White

As I mentioned before, they come in many colors. Yet, not all colors are preferred by dog lovers. An enthusiastic trainer loves Shih-Poos in black and white color. Along with that, they also come in dotted color. This gives a beautiful contrast to their skin.

To get this poodle in a specific color breed varies a lot in it. To achieve that, consider breeding them with the same parent’s color variation. By doing this, you will get the exact breed.

To get a mixed one, consider breeding each parent with different colors. Color varies the amount! although trends matter a lot in this. Sometimes, white puppies are in great demand. While on the other hand, every now and then other variation does matter.

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How much is a Shih Tzu poodle mix puppy worth?

Briefly if we say it costs a lot. However, prices vary in different factors. You can get a normal pup anywhere between 500-1000$. This only goes for the normal ones. Some peoples are interested in buying the puppies that comes from a line of dog shows. Sometimes, they want to get a pedigree with a high lineage. To get these puppies, you have to pay more than 2000$ sometimes.

However, when you are buying it for your family pedigree doesn’t matter. Yet before buying, know their race lines from the breeders. All factors like sociability, life span, energy and trainability matter the price. Even so, consider it like an investment; indeed they will be your companion for more than a decade. 

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What does a Shih Tzu poodle mix look like?

The Shih-Poo is a crossbreed. Bringing a pup like this one in your home is like a Christmas present. Unfortunately, in most breeds results aren’t that good. So, consider yourself lucky.  In this cross, they have the curls of a poodle.

Along with the straight coat of Shih Tzu, it has a very human nature, same like that they have a cute smiley face with alert expressions. In height, they are placed among the small dogs.

Like there parent breeds they come in a single color. However, with specific breed you can achieve a bilateral version in them. As genes matters a lot. It is not sure that you get a hypoallergenic or a healthier pup. People with busy life highly adored this dog for its cute lovely smile.

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Do Shih-poos shed?

Yes, almost every dog shed from time to time. However, by which rate they are shedding varies a lot. Unlike other dogs Shih-poos doesn’t sheds a lot. They go through this rate at the very bottom level. However, they require trimming and shredding after some time.

When you see them becoming fluffier then take them to a Vet. With proper care, they shed at a minimum rate.

In the last two decades, this breed is attaining attraction at a rapid rate. The main reason behind that, is their availability to sustain hypoallergenic fur. However, if you don’t care your pup much it can gravely affect their health. Set their checkup at least twice a month for proper maintenance.

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Are Shih-poos aggressive?

Mostly people who want to adopt dog focus on this question more. It is important to consider the temperament of the dog for your family. However, in case of Shih-Poos they are very stable and friendly, when we talk about their personality.

They don’t have an aggressive bone in their body. Like their parents, they habit friendliness and loyalty as their main traits. They have a joyful and cool temperament.

When you train them, they didn’t disturb the trainer. They are very easy to train and doesn’t act rude or shy while playing. So, if your toddler gets alone with this dog, you don’t need to worry. He will protect it in the friendliest manner.

Shih-Poo Full Grown

Dogs are categorized into three groups when you consider their heights. Unlike other dogs, Shih-Poo is not that big. They fall in the small category. Yet they provide the friendliest company.

An average pup can grow up to 8 to 15 inches. However, in rare cases, it is seen they can touch twenty inches. Their body weight falls between 8-18Ib. By the look of the people think they have massive weights. Yet, this statement is unlikely to be untrue.

 Most of their body is covered with fur making them look big and enormous. In a year they almost reach their maximum heights.

Considering their life span they can last more than 16 years. They have the most life expectancy among the other dog breeds. Their growth is ideal for most families. In small places, it easily gets adjust due to their average size.


Now you know everything about poodle and Shih Tzu mixed puppies. They are one of the most friendly and loyal creatures on the planet. Along with their beauty, they are energetic with everyone. For kids, this is the perfect gift for Christmas. Maintaining this North American breed is not a very big issue. You only need to take care of them after every few weeks.


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