St charles spaniel poodle mix

Just make up your mind to adopt a dog? What’s next? Breed choice but wait, searching sites about all breeds can make you tired and leave your mind more perplexed? Then why not get something, whose popularity is on the rise. Yes, that’s right! “st Charles spaniel poodle mix” or Cavapoo.

Apart from their small-sized physique and curly hair which gives them eye-candy sight. They are easy to train and their playfulness enhances your love and attention towards them. Is it right for you? We have got all the details you need to know, therefore stick around.

St Charles Spaniel Poodle Mix Biography

What happens when breeders try to mix two different breeds of dogs? The same thing happened when king saint Charles Spaniel and a poodle underwent across. A high designer breed with mixed characteristics of both parents came into being named St Charles Spaniel Poodle Mix.

There’s no doubt that Charles spaniel and poodle have their own charm, but adopting two dogs for a new owner could be a handful. Why to adopt two when you could get all in one; that’s why breeders have solved this problem by making a new breed that you are reading here.

A Cavapoo rose to fame in Australia in 1990. Since then, it remains on the popular breed list. This fluffy breed is an amazing family pet. Their friendly and gentle personality tends to show immense love for kids. According to the Cavapoo owner, they found Cavapoo smart, loyal, and well-mannered.

As per my experience, “my spaniel poodle mix will not go to sleep if I am pulling an all-nighter for study” so, don’t get surprised if you notice sudden energy change in your house.

Cavapoo full-grown – Cavapoo size

Wondering how big your Cavapoo will grow? The average Cavapoo weighs from 9 to 25 pounds and height varies from 9 to 14 inches. Yeah, I know that’s a huge range. If you want to know the exact growth of your pet, then don’t skip to the next heading and give this paragraph a whole read.

Here’s the thing, first you must be aware of your Cavapoo’s parent poodle breed because the size of your Cavapoo depends upon which poodle breed was its parents.

Toy Poodle: It can’t grow more than 10 inches in height and 4 to 6 pounds in weight.

Miniature Poodle: It can’t grow more than 15 inches in height and 10 to 15 pounds in weight. This suggests that Cavapoo from toy poodles can grow up to 12 inches and Cavapoo from miniature poodles can grow up to 14 inches.

Secondly, you will observe that the average size of a female Cavapoo will always be shorter than a male Cavapoo due to the compact skeleton.

When we come to its weight, if you are adopting a Cavapoo of 7months then it has already achieved its average weight. It might surprise you but Cavapoo’s 75% weight and 90%height is already grown up so it’s less likely for you to observe any notable difference in your pet’s size.

Cavapoo v/s Cockapoo

Every person has 7 lookalikes in the world, you must have heard of this saying. This goes perfectly for cockapoo and Cavapoo as well. They are way too similar on the surface which makes it hard for any other person than the owner to spot the difference. We are here to help you in this “spot the difference” game.


Cockapoo and Cavapoo both are mixed breeds in which one parent i.e. poodle remains constant. The main difference is another parent breed, cockapoo has cocker spaniel while Cavapoo has King Charles spaniel.


Cavapoos are easy to train as compared to Cockapoo. Cavapoo’s smart and quick learning habit makes him familiar with the master; whereas cockapoo’s training isn’t that much hard but you need to have some patience because they are a bit slow learners.


Either of them has a wide variance in appearance due to cross-breeding. The slight difference is due to the colors of their coats. Cockapoo coats vary from red, white and beige meanwhile Cavapoo coat colors vary from black, brown, and white.

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How much does a Cavapoo cost?

If you are looking for an answer to this question, then I can assume that you have surrendered in front of this adorable pup. To be honest, it’s not your fault; their lovable visuals would definitely be appealing to everyone.

In terms of cost, it’s not that much adorable. The average cost of a Cavapoo is somewhat between $1200 to $1500 excluding adoption charges. If it’s more or less than the average cost, so my dear reader, you need to be cautious.

Seems like it’s costing you an arm or leg? No worry, start creating your chance or good luck. How? Visit rescue centers and try to persuade them to direct you in the right direction. Most of the time, this designed breed is snapped up quickly but if you could really achieve your good luck then you might get this cute pup for $500.

Do Cavapoo dogs bark a lot?

Yes, Cavapoo is renowned for barking a lot. Hold up! Your assumption of barking a lot can be different from mine. Moreover, even dogs don’t bark without any reason. Similarly, Cavapoo barks when they need attention or when there is some stranger before him. It may happen when they are feeling lonely or uncomfortable in the surrounding.

Cavapoo is known for being intelligent and well-trained. Why am I stating it? If it is the only factor that makes you retake your decision, then you can just reduce their habit of barking by training them. Train them; by giving them attention, don’t shout at them as noise will never work upon noise, and try to play with toys or whatever they love.

Believe me, these training methods actually work because many owners own quiet and well-trained cavapoo. You can look it up on the internet too, I’m sure you will find something.

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 Are Cavapoo high maintenance?

You can expect Cavapoo to be high maintenance in terms of grooming.

It all depends upon the genetic domination of the hair of the Cavapoo. If Cavapoo has hair similar to saint Charles’s Spaniel, then it will need a bath and brush every week.

If it has similar hair to a poodle, then it will require bathing thrice in a week along with brushing hair daily to keep those pretty curls detangle.

In both scenarios, your Cavapoo will need to get a cut by a groomer every month. In addition to it, they have tear stains, and to resist them you have to wash their eyes and eye surrounding area daily.

Other than grooming, they can be considered low maintenance because they are hypoallergenic with a lifespan of 15years.

Do Cavapoo like to cuddle?

Want me to name something that Cavapoo loves more than anything? Cuddles!

Cavapoo loves to cuddle to the extent that they are being called clingy. If something plays a sufficient role in their popularity after their visuals, then it has to be their kind and affectionate temperament. Saint Charles spaniel dog has inherited their traits which makes a Cavapoo perfect lapdog.

They are quite delicate dogs, so pick them by supporting their hindquarters and gripping under the chest. In short, just avoid the forelimb as it can result in injury.

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Cavapoo is surely an amazing breed but one thing that remains to say, sometimes they might show hereditary illness from Charles spaniel dog. The illness is not guaranteed so make sure to check Cavapoo’s parent history before adopting one.

Make sure you have read all the details mentioned above and you can afford to provide its care, love, and attention to what it demands. Surely, these teddy bear dogs aren’t resistant in terms of resonating love and will definitely give back.

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