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How big do toy poodles get?

Are you having a poodle or thinking of adopting one? This breed can be a good companion of the family due to its loyalty, lively, and affectionate nature. He can be good with children but is recommended for older children. Understanding how big do toy poodles get? is very important. This will help you to take care of your poodle at their various phases of life. So, let us begin our journey to know Toy poodle full grown.

How big do toy poodles grow?

These amazing buddies are categorized into three different growth stages that they actually pass.

Toy: Toy poodles can grow big about 10 inches in height manner and their weight is about 6 to 9 pounds.

Miniature: Miniature Poodle can grow fully about 11 to 15 inches in height and their weight is about fifteen to seventeen pounds.

Standard: the standard poodle can grow big about 15 inches and are taller about 22 inches. In this category, males are weighing about 45 to 70 pounds and females are weighing about 45 to 60 pounds.

If you are thinking that they are different bread, so you might be wrong. They are just distinguished based on how big they are.

It has been heard that poodle finish their growth in about seven months, but some also continue till 15 months. Their growth rates slow down when they are getting older. The matter is that you cannot be sure when they are finished until they get the first heat.

Each poodle takes altered time to grow fully or we can say that they stop their growth rate. It is obvious that a larger poodle takes a longer time to fully grow, in both weight and height wise. So we can say that the standard poodle takes a longer time to reach its full size. 

It has been seen in most cases that toy poodles finish their growing criteria in case of height between six to seven months, whether miniature twelve to be grown fully and Standard poodles take a long time about two years to grow fully big.

There are some factors that can affect the growth of a poodle puppy

Genetic side

It should be noted that genetics plays an important and vital role in the growth of pets. it is very important to know the background of your puppy before adopting one; their parents and grandparents.

When you will get to the size or how big their parents and grandparents are, it can give you a lot of information that how big your puppy can grow. In this case, after having a good breed if still your poodle puppy is not growing that much you can easily consult a doctor.

Nutrition Side

To keep your puppy healthy to get a perfect coat with amazing curly hair and a healthy growth rate, your puppy should get a high-quality diet. As poodles are inclined towards health conditions, so it can affect their intake or appetite; which will eventually affect their growth rate.

You can monitor your dog’s size and weight in order to detect any health conditions. Young poodle goes with dog food labeled for puppies in the early year. This food has a very right percentage of fats and protein; which are needed for the best growth. Eight-year poodles need fewer proteins and fats but they need more carbohydrates to fight and prevent health conditions, which can obesity. 

Health and Physical activity side

If you are giving them the best and proper exercise, so it will help them to maintain their weight. Talking about the benefits of physical exercise includes will maintain the right tone of muscle, and helping to increase the strength of bones. Not only this it also help to fight or prevent disease like arthritis and diabetes. These things will eventually lead your dog to get proper growth. 

By doing physical activity it can also help to develop and improve the social and behavioral health of your dog in various ways. If you are giving them regular exercise, it will improve sleep, and helps to teach socialization, this will help your buddy to have healthy growth.

Toy poodle vs miniature poodle

We are going to divide this comparison into three main subs heading, which will help you to understand more easily so let’s start with our first subheading.


If we talk about their main difference so it is their size. The Toy poodle is really small only 10 inches when he is fully grown. The Miniature buddy is taller about 15 inches, below their shoulder. But these both have a similar proposition. No doubt these both dogs are small in size but have strong and elegant personalities.


Poodles do not show their aggressive nature generally, they can be good with other children and animals. If we talk about smaller poodles, they must be kept with more care. Your children and family members should be trained that how to play and handle this dog.

If we compare toy poodles vs miniature poodles, a home which is having small kids at home, a miniature poodle will be the best choice you can go for. You may think that smaller dogs may bark a lot but that is not true in every case. All poodles can be developed barking as a habit when he is not getting enough attention or training.


As we have discussed above training is very important, for this breed. No matter what the size is, both dogs are good at training. You might be thinking that smaller dogs might forget some tricks and tips, or be afraid that they can harm. You no need to worry because their training skills are not dependent on their sizes.

Both bogs are easy to train, as they are intelligent. Both buddies love to please and work hard.

Toy poodle full grown

Toy poodles stop their growing rate at about six to seven months. When the toy poodle reaches is full growth, it can weigh and fill out. it should be noted that a toy poodle that is fully grown will not be taller than 10 inches and its weight will be between 4 to 6 pounds.

Poodle’s coat will change to an adult one when he will be 9 months old; we can say that this process takes about 9 months. So when they are 18 months old they have a proper adult coat and are fully grown. 


This amazing breed has a good life span of about 12 to 15 years. When you are buying or adopting one make sure to check its history, as its matters in the case of growth.

Miniature poodles and toy poodles are both family-oriented dogs and love to be taken care of. It might get difficult for you to choose one as they both are amazing.

If you are going to buy one, your checklist should include its growth rate, as its impact is shown in every step of your pet’s life.

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