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How to Groom A Miniature Poodle?

Adopting a Miniature Poodle is all fun until it’s time for your Poodle’s grooming. Those who wants to know “How to groom a miniature poodle?” then reading this

Miniature Poodles are surely famous for their non-shedding, fluffy hair coat however they are quite high maintenance. Their adorable curls apart from providing attractive visuals are prone to matting. Moreover, you must have had issues like hairs in the ears and tear stains.

If you are at this blog, then I assume you must be having trouble while grooming your poodle.

In that case, I got you! It’s not hard if you’re guided properly. Right below we have prepared a whole instructional guide on Miniature Poodle grooming, so take your notes and grooming kit out.

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How to Groom a Miniature Poodle 

Grooming doesn’t stop at hair trimming. Believe me, It’s much more than that. Before getting started, let me state the series of grooming which are equally essential for you to learn.

Brushing Hair Coat

Your curly head pet needs brushing to detangle its hairs. As Miniature Poodle has thick hairs, therefore you can use a slick hairbrush. 

First of all, place your miniature poodle at a grooming space that allows wide movements and you can reach your pet easily. 

Begin brushing from leg and end at the ear. If you’re still having trouble then section your pet hairs and continue brushing.

Nail Clipping

You can use special nail clippers for dogs. Nail clipping doesn’t have any hard and fast rules. Just clip the outer white part of the nail and avoid clipping the pink part of the nail as clipping them can cause bleeding.

Bathing your Miniature Poodle

All you need is a bathtub, shampoo, towel, and hairdryer. Place your Miniature Poodle bud in warm water and shampoo him. Make sure to rinse all soap or else it will itch. Dry your pet with a towel, later on, you can use a hairdryer at low temperatures.

Brushing Teeth

Tartar and Plaque can cause dental decay so try to brush your pet’s teeth with a soft toothbrush regularly. They have tiny teeth so make sure to reach your brush to every area of teeth via moving the brush back and forth.

Tear Stain Removal

I am sure you don’t want to compromise on your miniature poodle appearance. Tear stain due to tear duct blockage makes it look so.

How to remove them? A damp cloth with a tear stain removal solution and wipe the area surrounding the eyes.

Ear Cleansing

If you don’t want your Miniature Poodle to get an ear infection, you better follow them. Fill your pet ear canal with an ear cleansing solution and use your finger for the base part of the ear. For the inner part use a cotton ball until it comes out clean.

Make sure to remove tiny hairs of the ear and you may use ear powder for an easy way.

You all must be thinking that a major part of grooming i.e haircut is missing. We got this covered below for the sake of sequential grooming so, Stay connected!

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How to Groom a Toy Poodle at Home?

Toy Poodles are the smallest dogs of their breeds. Don’t depend on their size as their maintenance is quite demanding.

You can use the same method as mentioned in “How to groom your Miniature Poodle”. Having said that you must have thought that then, what makes Toy Poodle grooming any different from Miniature Poodle grooming.

The difference is caused as Toy Poodles need grooming more frequently than other dogs. Their small size causes them to catch dirt more easily. Professionals recommend that Toy Poodles need to be groomed every 3 weeks. No matter what their hair grooming style is!

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How do you Trim a Miniature Poodle?

Trimming might seem overwhelming but you can learn this skill after a few practices. Prior to your practice, you must decide on the grooming style you want for your miniature poodle. 

Some widely known Miniature Poodle’s hair cuts are Short cut, Town and country cut, Puppy cut, Lion cut, Teddy bear cut, English saddle cut, Dutch cut, Summer cut, Cupcake cut, and Modern cut.

 Here’s a complete step by step guide to grooming your miniature poodle:

  1. Remove all the bulk volumes of curls with the help of scissors.
  2. Clip your pet hair into different sections and pay extra attention to the chest, leg, and back of your pup.
  3. Set a proper size of the blade, I will prefer a 10-inch blade and start shaving with a blade parallel to hair.
  4. After shaving, you may use a trimming machine and move it from leg to head.
  5. Set your trimming machine blade according to the length that you prefer for your poodle and move it along with the direction of hair growth (hair root to upper hair end).
  6. You can use hair spray and keep brushing your hair while trimming to get a proper idea of the curl’s length.

Do check poodle grooming videos for visual understanding. As the head needs extra care we have mentioned its detailed procedure below, so do check it out.

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How do you groom a Poodle’s face? 

When it comes to Poodle’s face you have to be extra careful. For safety purposes, it’s mandatory to grip your poodle muzzle while making your pet facing towards you.

  1. After clipping and setting a 10-inch blade, begin cutting hair from nose to eyes. I will recommend you to cut them in light strokes as the areas surrounding the eyes can be sensitive.
  2. Follow these strokes from eyes to both ears.
  3. Now set your trimming machine to a clipper blade and start cutting hairs from Adam’s apple to the back of both ears in a V-shaped manner.
  4. Use the same clipper for trimming hair underneath the neck too.
  5. Trim hair between eyes in the inverted V-shaped manner from eyes to head.
  6. For topknot cut, you have to use scissors according to your preferred hairstyle.

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How often does a Miniature Poodle need to be groomed?

Miniature Poodle grooming methods require different times for the next session of grooming.

When it comes to trimming your poodle’s hair, professionals recommend it every 3 to 6 weeks in the case of adult miniature poodles.

The average growth of miniature poodles stops at 2 years however 90percent of growth is achieved at the age of 6 months. In the period of 6 months, you might need to groom them more frequently as the growth of hair might not shed but van tangle themselves.

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What about other Miniature poodle grooming methods?

Brushing hair, cleaning teeth need to be done regularly however tear stains removal should be done whenever you notice them.

You must schedule ear cleaning and nail clipping every one or two weeks if you want to avoid infection and accumulation of bacterias.

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Grooming your Miniature Poodle might not be easy to learn but once you master this skill you can save all professional grooming costs. Nowadays Professional grooming costs a lot, around 50 to 55 dollars, which isn’t easy to afford every 3 weeks.

What if it goes wrong? No worry, they will grow back. 

Just don’t let your poodle shine too dull. Undeniably, their hair plays a huge role in their popularity. Cherish their visuals, and keep on observing their scalp daily to avoid getting rashes to turn into infections. Indeed we have explained all the easiest ways to groom your miniature poodles if you want to know how? then scrolling “How to Groom A Miniature Poodle?” can guide you better.

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