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how to firm up dog poop

How to firm up dog poop

Are you in search of the correct answer for how to firm up dog poop? If yes so, you are under the right umbrella. It is a very much concerning thing when a dog’s poop is soft or in the worst situation. It has been noted that the digestive system has a major role in a healthy life.

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Having soft stools is an alarming issue sometimes among dog breeds. For erasing this tension from the dog owner’s mind, we are here with some tips to correct this problem and make the dog’s life easy.


It should be noted that there is a major difference between soft poop and diarrhea. Soft poop is formed and packable, it can be disposed of easily. Diarrhea is considered liquid and not easily picked up.

By virus or an infection, diarrhea can be caused. If it is for more than a few days, the doctor should be called. On the other hand, soft poop can be due to missing fiber and protein.

If it is not treated properly so, it can lead to issues related to health. Monitoring your dog is important. So let’s check out a few important points and tips to consider for making your dog poop firm, these tips and tricks can make your dog’s life healthy and can cheer him up very let’s see what’s inside:



(1) Feeding quantity. Excessive of anything is poisonous.

This is the most common reason. Dog poop can be soft by feeding them too much. Weight and size should be checked properly with balancing diet. If an owner is giving them extra diet by treats and chewing, so stop it until poop is firmed. Daily food intake should be reduced for managing treats.

(2) Is your dog fed too many times?

feeding a dog too many times can make a gastrocolic reflex which means the dog urges to go to the toilet shortly after eating, which can be seen as common in puppies. If the dog is an adult and takes three times food, reduce it to two. This helps to digest food easily until the next meal arrives.

(3) Correct time to feed them:

It takes the dog 6 hours to digest one meal properly and might seem also longer. Meals that are taken by a dog too close can give him a gastrocolic reflex. The dog should be fed in the morning and then at tea time, it gives the dog proper time to digest food easily and fully. A 6-hour gap is a must.

(4) Should check your dog when he is walking:

You should have knowledge about which things are in the intake of your dog. Notice them when they are walking. They are attracted to many disgusting things like other animal poop and human food which is discarded. These things can upset their stomach easily.

(5) Addition of vegetables to a dog’s meal is beneficial:

If their feeding amount is right and also treats cut out, still not firm poop. You need to arrange their food correctly. You can add cooked carrots, potatoes, and some other vegetables to their meal which will help to firm their poop. Vegetables should be cooked not raw. Cooked vegetables will help to absorb more water and make stool firm.

(6) Reasons besides food-related:

Stress can also be the reason for not firm poop or excitement. It is important to note their mental state and to check what your dog was doing before going to the toilet. And if you see any pattern, so avoiding those situations can make your dog poop firm.

Over exercise or ball sessions, your dog has a soft stool. Avoid it for short time or make them do any less dynamic exercise.

(7) Are you sure they don’t have an intestinal parasite?

If dog poop is suddenly changed and you are sure that nothing in his routine has been changed so the intestinal parasite can be the reason. It needs to be checked by a vet.

(8) More water intake:

Dogs should drink clean and fresh water 24/7. It is important that dog should be hydrated all the time. If a dog is coping with Diarrhea so it results in dehydration too. From the biological point of view, water binds to the fiber which is present in the gut. It provides aid in firming the poop of your dog. Their water dish should be cleaned a few times per week so that it should be clear that no dirty water intake is present in your dog’s diet.

(9)  probiotics should be considered:

If the dog is having imbalanced gut health problems adding probiotics can help a dog in diet and adding helpful bacteria to the gut by supplements. It helps in improving digestion.

(10)   Dog should be fed boiled chicken and white rice

White rice intake is easy for dogs o digest and helps with diarrhea very well. Chicken can be added also if the dog is free from chicken allergy. Chicken should be one part and two parts of white rice are best to make your dog’s day well.

(11) Dairy products should be avoided:

Dogs’ digestive systems may not accept dairy products easily. If he has lactose intolerance, a burning sensation, and pain can happen to your dog. It can result in the soft stool. it is important to check whether he is intolerant or not.

(12) fatty foods should be avoided:

Foods that are fired with deep oil like fast food, need to be avoided. Fats that are bad will add a layer to the intestine that causes the dog to have soft stool


Soft stool is not an emergency but it can cause pain and disturbs the dog’s routine. Add the above methods to the treatment of your dog to help in erasing their pain if the dog’s digestive system is correct so does the dog’s life. You can see a major difference in a dog’s mood when his digestive system is best.


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