Toy poodle information and facts

The Smallest, Smartest, Stylish and most adorable poodle breed is the toy poodle. It is not very different from other poodle varieties except for its size which stands even under 30 cm! And it weighs somewhere between 6 to 7 Kilograms.

This canine comes in the category of one of the smartest dog breeds which are super intelligent and easy-going. Training this pup will never be a pain in your neck since it is effortlessly trained.

Well, there are heaps of other most interesting toy poodle information and facts for you to know. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and retain them all!

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Toy Poodle Information and Facts

The toy poodle is a very interesting breed that is filled with information and facts, let’s discuss them all.

Toy poodles also come in red color! You might be wondering “a red toy poodle, I never saw one!” But, yes, toy poodles also come in red color. Red is their rarest color, so you won’t find one with this color, commonly.

Toy poodles fade! This is commonly the apricot toy poodle fact, but this fading also tends to occur in other toy poodles; especially in the ones with red color.

Loneliness can make them stressed! When left alone for a longer time, your toy poodle can go through stress. They always need someone as their companion to whom they could express their feelings. Thus, try giving them more attention than you ever did before.

Toy poodles bark too much! Toy poodles unlike other dogs bark a lot. They bark at the times when they are either bored or excited for a play or for some guest.

They had worked in circuses! As already mentioned, toy poodles are intelligent and easy to train. For this reason, these little furry creatures were taught to perform in circuses as well as in street shoes. They were used as performers earlier, but now you won’t find any such poodle working in circuses.

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Toy poodle characteristics

 Poodles, including Miniature Toy Poodles, proudly stand with an abundance of characteristics that make them even more versatile breeds.  Poodles exist in three different sizes that are toy, miniature, and standard. Toy poodles are geniuses and are well trained in all aspects.

They are agile and sophisticated as well as clever and they rejoice in a variety of canine recreations including agility, obedience, and tracking. They are excellent Water retrievers.

This breed is very keen on its family. Toy Poodles evolve themselves in a way such that they don’t feel shy and uncomfortable like other dogs when they see strangers in front of them; instead, they are submissive and eager to please the newcomer.

Toy Poodles have sensible short clips around their chest and joint for their protection.

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Toy Poodle Full Grown

A toy poodle really is the size of a toy; no matter how older it is then. For this, it is easily portable and more likely preferred and chosen than those with a standard size.

A toy poodle when reaches the age of 6 to 7 months, stops growing further. Before this (first six-seven months of its life) it grows in height, gains some weight, and grows more hair, etc. but after the period mentioned (6-7 months), it will not grow anything, except for the hair which keeps growing for the entire life.

With that read, you can now say that your toy poodle who is 1 year or a little lesser of age is a fully grown poodle.

Your pup, either a male or a female toy poodle, can’t grow more in height than 10 inches taller from its shoulder or weigh more than 4-7 pounds even when completely grown. Not in height, but a male will grow a bit more in weight than the female toy poodle.

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Toy Poodle Eye Problems

Most commonly, toy poodles face glaucoma and cataract eye problems. In which glaucoma is an eye disorder that not only affects toy poodles but is also commonly found in humans (especially elders).

Glaucoma can result from an injury that tends to increase the fluid pressure in the eye. Due to glaucoma, toy poodles can suffer from extreme levels of pain which eventually results in blindness if not cured on time.

Watery eyes, redness, and squinting of one or both eyes can be some of the symptoms of glaucoma.

The other eye problem: cataract is inherited in some of the dog breeds including toy poodle puppies. Young dogs are especially prone to cataracts which usually affect both the eyes. It too can lead to blindness and visual impairment.

Changed eye color, clumsiness, and both or one cloudy lens in the eyes can be the symptoms of a cataract in your pet.

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Toy Poodle Price

Toy poodles, though small in size, are more expensive than the standard size poodles which are double their size.

The average price of a toy poodle is between $1000 – $1500 while the highest price can reach up to $1700 to $2,200. Point to be noted that the miniature toy poodle price is also the same, both in average and high rates.

The reason for toy poodles being expensive can be their high breeding cost. A great amount of money and time is invested to make sure they are in good health and are happy.

Not just buying is an expense, a lot of expenses are met after their purchase like visiting the vet, food, grooming, living area, and sometimes even training.

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Toy Poodle Lifespan

According to the researchers, animals’ life expectancy, mainly dog breeds, is affected by their size.

A Toy Poodle’s actual lifespan is approximately 15 years, with a little fluctuation of 14 to 16 years. Small dogs tend to live more life than the larger ones.

Surprisingly, this concept is not implemented on every single breed, but there are certain other important things to keep in mind if you want to extend the life expectancy of your Toy Poodle.

Regardless of size and breed, unexpectedly the longest living Poodle of every size hit similar age. Along with the size, other features can alter the lifespan. These may include the health of your puppy and the overall genetic health of the breed.

In nutshell, to extend your toy poodle’s lifespan you must have to keep your dog at a healthy weight through diet and exercise. Good hygiene prevents many diseases and guards your dog against illness.

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Are Toy Poodles Aggressive?

Poodles can appear aggressive in frustrating situations. Nevertheless, poodles may also reveal their aggressive behavior in normal conditions too, and this can be the cause of some disturbing problems like anxiety, health issues, and lack of socialization.

Poodles are not generally aggressive animals, but due to lack of socialization and human interaction, they become depressed which ultimately leads to their aggressive behavior. They need to be heavily socialized to remain fit and healthy both mentally and physically.

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If you are thinking to keep a cute little natural-born clown like a toy poodle then you must be having a complete grasp of all the information and facts about the toy poodles.

This article would probably help you to keep your pup healthy and safe from all the unusual circumstances that might occur because of the lack of knowledge.

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