Fun Things to Do with Your Dog This Summer

Fun Things to Do with Your Dog This Summer Summer is finally here, and that means plenty of opportunities to have some fun with your furry friend. From exploring new parks and hiking trails to swimming in the lake or visiting a pet-friendly beach, check out our top picks for things to do this season with your pooch. No matter what you choose, we promise it will be paws-itively rewarding!

Go for a doggy paddle!

Is there any better way to cool down during the summer? We don’t think so! Whether you’ve discovered a new dog-friendly beach or you’ve found a fantastic lake or swimming hole, swimming is a fun activity for humans and hounds alike. Contrary to popular belief, however, not all dogs are natural swimmers. Some dogs will have a natural aptitude for swimming, whilst others will need more sup-paw-t.

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When it comes to water activities, don’t throw your doggy in the deep end. Hounds need to hone their swimming skills just like humans do. Before braving something like a surf beach or deeper swimming hole, ensure to test the waters first, and try teaching your dog some new tricks. If you want to be super prepared, you could even enrol them in a canine swimming school.

Wherever your doggo is at, we recommend investing in a dog swim jacket—and you can find these in our online store. Choose from one of our nine eye-catching designs so you never lose sight of your furry best pal. These jackets provide peace of mind, even if your dog is a pro doggy paddler. Plus, you pup will look totally adorable and seriously stylish as they stay safe and secure!

Take a road trip or holiday!

Summertime is prime time to take a holiday. Maybe you want to extend your beach trip into an overnighter or maybe you just want to take the time to see somewhere new. Whatever your plan, everything’s more fun with dogs. Just ensure to do all the prep before you go. What does this involve? Well, for one thing, you’ll need to call ahead and confirm that accommodations or locations—such as beaches, parks, or outdoor eateries—will be dog-friendly. You’ll also need to pack a few extras. For emergency situations, bring your dog’s vet records and any medications they may require. Bring the usual doggo supplies, of course, such as dog food, dog treats, plenty of water, and collapsible travel bowls in which to serve any of the above.


When hitting the road with a hound—espsecially when covering long distances—you’ll need some ultra-sleek car accessories. Our Travel range has everything you’ll need for keeping your car (and your dog!) protected. Our car seat covers are available in the dog hammock or boot cover designs. So whether your dog is riding in the backseat compartment or keeping watch from the boot of your station wagon/SUV, you can spare your car interior from muddy pawprints, rips and scratches, or just general wear and tear. Did we mention that they come in some of our signature Stylish Hound designs? Think of them as durable, waterproof wallpapering for your car.

Make a dog park play date!

If it’s a nice day outside, why not have a paw-rent meet-up at the local dog park? Grab your fellow dog people and bring your prized pooches down to the dog park, or off-lead dog beach, or wherever else your dogs can socialise and run free. Use this time to play fetch, or tug-of-war, or to kick back with an iced coffee (or other summer drink of choice). Have a good old chinwag as your fur kids have a tail wag or two!

Remember that dogs heat up faster than humans. Because they barely sweat, dogs will regulate their temperature by panting, and by exposing their paw pads to cooler surfaces. In other words, it’s best to seek some shade, or else you could have one hot dog on your hands! As they’re having a ball in the summer sun, ensure you have water available on tap—and if this isn’t possible in the literal sense, then you’ll need to bring ample supplies. Perhaps you could reach for one of our 300mL travel water bottles built just for dogs!

Stylish Hound

Made from BPA-free, recycled plastic, our travel water bottles are ideal for doggos. Rather than popping at the top, they slide to the side—forming a portable doggy water bowl! Think these might spill somewhere? Think again. You can lock these bottles when they’re not is use, rendering them completely spillproof. The travel water bottle is ideal for road trips, long walks, or hot days in general. Will you choose blue, pink, aqua, or citrus?

Discover a new park or walking track!

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in a walking rut? If you and your doggy are walking the same loops and tracks, summer might be the perfect time to shake things up. Is there a local park on your radar that has hitherto been ‘just a little too far away’ to bother with? Or if there a hike you’ve been itching to try? Now might just be the time to try everything on your list. This goes double if you have some summer holidays coming up!

Every good walk needs a good-quality leash. In the Stylish Hound online store, you will find leashes in the slickest designs available—whether you’re into something funky and colourful or more monochromatic. Grab one of our classic leashes, or perhaps one of our Cruise Control Obedience Leashes, if your dog is more of a puller. The Cruise Control Obedience Leashes come with a ruched elastic feature that absorbs all that pulling energy so you can reclaim your daily walk. This is the leash for keeping dogs in line.

If you’re after something a little more versatile, our Multi-Function Leashes work a treat. These leashes have a clip on either side, allowing for control at all angles, or hands-free walking, or walking two dogs at once! This new take on an old favourite is also a popular alternative in our online store. Will you harness the power of handle-free leashes?

Remember safety first

Summer activities for dogs aren’t too different from activities for dogs yearround. The main difference? Doggos are freer to make a splash, and you will need to keep your eyes peeled for signs of overheating. If they’re panting, seeking shade, or sitting in an ‘upward-facing dog’ position, you’ll need to cool them down pronto. Just ensure there’s some shade nearby and plenty of drinking water available.

There are so many things to do with your dog in the summer, but ensure that they do not overexert themselves or spend excessive amounts of time in harsh sunlight. Summer is no doubt a good thing, and good things are best enjoyed in moderation.

And with that public safety announcement out of the way, let’s go enjoy some summer sunshine!





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