Where Do Pomeranian Dogs Come From?

The enchanting, appealing, and woolly dog breed called Pomeranian is known for its playful, friendly, intelligent, active, and extroverted nature. This toy dog breed is smaller in build but surprisingly, is courageous enough to threaten any large dog.

The weight of any male/female pom can vary between 3-7 pounds and the height can be around 10-11 inches, so now you can imagine how small these cute little pups are. If you are wondering where do Pomeranians dogs come from and what are their distinguishing characteristics then keep on reading because in this article most of the aspects of a pom have been covered.

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Where do Pomeranian Dogs Come From?

A countless number of people often want to know about the origin of their pet to know their pet’s adaptation to different climatic conditions or things. Do you also want to know where do Pomeranian dogs come from? Below is the answer then!

Pomeranian or Pom is the breed of dogs coming from the spitz family (short breed dogs along with sharp muzzle). Pomeranian had initially grown in the province of Pomerania. The Pomeranians have been named after the place of Europe which is now a part of Poland and Germany, called Pomerania. The name Pomeranian originated from the word Slavic po more which has a literal meaning of Land by the sea.

The reason for which Pomeranian dogs became so popular was mainly their royal owners (including Queen Victoria) who adopted them as pets since the 18th century.

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What Dog Breeds Make a Pomeranian?

The first poms were bred down from a bigger breed called Burlier, a hundred years ago in the area of North-Eastern Europe. These lively dogs are also known as Dwarf Spitz, Zwergspitz, and Loulou. 

The Dog breeds which make a pomeranian are the splitz family of dogs as mentioned earlier in the article. The other members of the family include the Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhound, Malamute, and Alaskan, etc.

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Are Pomeranian descendants of Wolves?

Several sources are tackling the answer of where do Pomeranians dog come from and whether they are related to wolves are not? The most authentic answer is as follows:

Everyone knows that dogs are the offspring of wolves. Pomeranian is generally related to wolves. Pomeranian breed has a descendant from a long life of Arctic dogs that could be often discovered in Arctic regions. They are specifically German Spitz.

They are a Spitz breed, meaning a type of species that has a lot of wolf-like characteristics. The continuous crossbreed has changed the dogs thoroughly from wild wolves to less harmful and cute dogs.

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Do Pomeranians like to cuddle?

Pomeranians do like cuddling. By cuddling, they comfort themselves by showing affection and devotion. They are polite towards their holders.

These tiny, fluffy and adorable dogs need love from humans. They grow closer to their caretaker and they don’t feel shy to crave their love for them. These cute pups can read the human’s emotions. This is the reason why they can easily sense when their caretaker is suffering physical or mental health issues. Pom would be there to snuggle you.

They will provide a means to distract you from the main topic, this is how they tend to show love towards their owner.

Why do Pomeranians Cry?

The small furry Pomeranian dogs are the cutest of dogs that have nice and friendly behavior, but just like other dogs, they cry too. The reasons why your pom’s crying can be different. 

A cry or whine is usually produced by dogs to convey their desire for water, toy, food, and attention. The same is the case for a pomeranian dog. 

However, not always the cry of your pup is meant for food or water, etc. but it can also be produced when the canine is going through some kind of pain!

Getting stressed becomes one of the biggest reasons for your pup to cry. 

The other reasons include frustration, anxiety, and even excitement sometimes, yes you read it right, excitement can also make your pup cry but in that case, it’s not any problem.

When your pom cries, you would definitely want it to stop crying. If so, then one such way is nicely spacing.

If a proper space is created for your pup which contains all that he or she might want to have like toys, snacks, water, cushion, blanket, etc., he/she would remain happy and not cry; especially if it is a new member added to the family.

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Do Pomeranian dog bite?

Your diminutive brown pup isn’t an aggressive dog and is very unlikely to bite you in a normal condition. Your pup bites for a reason and these can be related to some health issues or anxiety.


Teething is the most generally known problem. Mostly puppies bite when they’re young. This is normal behavior for doggies at the age of 4 to 9 months. Your puppy will bite other puppies to play with them and nip you as you begin to touch them. If he comes close to your clothes, feet, arms, or legs, he’ll try to nibble you as much as possible. Even though the behavior isn’t hostile, those sharp little teeth can prick the skin and make you bleed.


When your doggy is suffering, maybe from the flu or other disease, they can feel unsafe around you or any other person. This kind of behavior is not so widespread in Pomeranian pups, but it can happen sometimes.

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Why do Pomeranians lick so Much?

Licking is a general habit of many dogs but when it goes extreme, that is often not a good sign. The medical or behavioral causes can be the reason behind a dog’s licking.

Licking in dogs is more common because of their behavioral reasons than medical ones. And when your pom licks out of habitual causes, you do not have to worry because that is not a sign of any problem.

The behavioral reasons can be:

  • Habit
  • Affection ( for the one they are licking, either their owner or any other animal)
  • To soothe and calm themselves 
  • Boredom
  • Taste liking.

When you notice that your Pom is licking more than he usually does, that can be a sign of an underlying medical problem.

The medical reasons can be:

  • Underlying pain
  • Infection
  • Allergies
  • GI issues ( Gastrointestinal )

One of the other factors involved in canine licking can be the atmosphere in which he/she has grown.

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How Long Do Pomeranians Live?

Just like any other small dog, a pom matures earlier and also tends to live longer. The Average Pomeranian Lifespan is 10-14 years. The life expectancy can be increased to up to 16 years by taking proper measures such as regular vet checkups, a healthy diet, clean water, exercise, regular trimming, and preventing any kind of trauma to the dog.

Genetic factors also play an important role in determining the life expectancy of the dog. If the pom has inherited susceptibility towards some fatal disease then it will badly affect the health of the dog and can ultimately lead to a shorter life.

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A pomeranian can be a great pet for first-time owners because of its loving and caring nature. The cons of keeping a pom can be their smaller stature due to which they need constant care and supervision.

If you are planning on buying this pup as your new companion then you should have prior knowledge of what “Pomeranian cost, where do Pomeranian come from,” and what are their likes and dislikes. This information will help you in becoming a good pet owner.

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